What’s on the Menu ~ Getting Back on Track

So, I know I haven’t been posting our menus for a while, but don’t worry because no children went hungry, starved, or were malnourished over the past two, three, five months…Oh, just make that seven months. Everyone was fed at least three meals everyday, had full tummies, and didn’t catch me off guard too much […]

What’s on the Menu? WK#2

After completing one week with a menu plan, I figured out something…big green salads don’t go over too well for dinner. It’s not because the children don’t like them, but because it didn’t fill them up and I ended up having to supplement dinner that night with something else. Sunday B – Waffles L – […]

What’s On the Menu? WK#1

This is my first week of following a schedule for food preparation. I’m not sure if these are a bunch of lofty ideas or menus I will actually make and complete. I can say that I already feel a weight lifted of of my shoulders as I already prep to make the meals for each […]

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