Simple and Quick Vegetable Broth

So can you tell me the difference? One day, I was asked about the difference between curly leaf parsley and flat leaf parsley (a.k.a. Italian parsley). The answer I gave was “the taste.” Well, duh! Only, I didn’t think about what I had answered until a while later and realized how silly it sounded because […]

Smooth Minestrone and Pesto Soup

I often say that I haven’t always enjoyed cooking. What sent me to the kitchen and started me clanging pots and pans together was my desire to have what I wanted to eat, when I wanted to eat it were my children. I had Minestrone soup before, but didn’t really start liking it a lot […]

Spicy (or not) Spinach and Chick-Pea Soup

I don’t know what it is about this soup, but I can’t stop eating it. The first time I made it, I didn’t like it. How is that for an introduction? It was a few months later that I decided to try it again because it has two ingredients that I find tasty; spinach and […]

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