Mushroom Barley Soup

Okay, so I had to travel a great distance to gather the main ingredient for this recipe. This can’t be made without barley and for more than one year, I haven’t been able to buy barley locally. I had to drive for almost two hours so that should tell you how good this soup really […]

Soup Swap: White Bean Soup

I am a “bean soaker.” I will say that being a “bean soaker” has it’s advantages – saves money because dried are cheaper than canned, more varieties come dried, and now you can really say you’re a “scratch cooker” because you are doing it like they did back in “the day.” There’s a lot of […]

Soup Swap {2012}

There are a few ways to describe me and one of them is a lover of soup. Soup is a comfort food. It is light enough to soothe you when you are ill and it can be heavy enough to answer that hungry, grumbling stomach, all the while providing the daily nutrients you need in […]

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