Simple and Quick Vegetable Broth

So can you tell me the difference? One day, I was asked about the difference between curly leaf parsley and flat leaf parsley (a.k.a. Italian parsley). The answer I gave was “the taste.” Well, duh! Only, I didn’t think about what I had answered until a while later and realized how silly it sounded because […]

Baja Sauce

Let me start this off by saying, “Taco Bell saved my life.” I know fast food isn’t really good for you, but when you’re suffering endless mornings, mid-days, and evenings with morning sickness and you finally find something that brings a reprieve, although brief, then you are likely to make statements like that one. Nope, […]

Oven Roasted Red Bell Peppers

This pretty little pepper has so much potential, but today I am only going to chop it up, smother it with a few liquids, and pop it into the oven. Today is really not its day to shine. Ah, maybe next time. For now, it will just roast or be roasted to accent anything you […]

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