What’s on the menu? – Getting a head start

After waking up early on Christmas morning and starting to cook at 6 a.m., making a complete Christmas dinner with everything I wanted to eat and sitting down at 3:30 p.m. to eat with most of the dishes washed and put away, I figure I’ve got a handle on this cooking thing. {Make this Baja […]

Carrot Tomato Soup

Wow! We made it to the end of the month swapping soup. This has been so much fun and I want to thank the ladies at Ozark Ramblings, Reflections in the Window, and Think Outside the Box for participating. I definitely found some great recipes that I have added to my book and will be […]

Pea, Leek, and Broccoli Soup

It was purely a visual prompt that made me make this soup and not the combination of ingredients. It was pretty and sometimes that is all it takes for me to make a recipe. It was also a quick, throw everything into the pot type of recipe which is another thing I like when it […]

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