It Can Taste Just as Good at Home

Even though I promote cooking and eating at home, I do enjoy eating out every once in a while. The thought of sitting down, being given a list of a variety of foods to choose from, having my chosen meal brought to me, and not required to wash any dishes afterwards is a perfect way […]

The Art of Back to School Lunches

With the start of school, my vacation is also over. Shorts are replaced with sturdy corduroy pants, colored chalk with #2 pencils, and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with brown bag lunches. Yes, it is time to go back to school. With all of the preparation, which includes finding the right outfits to wear, the […]

Fast Food Chicago Style

One of the best things about travelling is seeing how other “foks” eat. The first thing I always look for is a bakery. Once the bakery is located, I look for the real food (nutritional value, proper amount of daily servings, etc.) because after dessert is decided, I’m able to concentrate on what is “really […]

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