Carrot Tomato Soup

Wow! We made it to the end of the month swapping soup. This has been so much fun and I want to thank the ladies at Ozark Ramblings, Reflections in the Window, and Think Outside the Box for participating. I definitely found some great recipes that I have added to my book and will be […]

Soup Swap: White Bean Soup

I am a “bean soaker.” I will say that being a “bean soaker” has it’s advantages – saves money because dried are cheaper than canned, more varieties come dried, and now you can really say you’re a “scratch cooker” because you are doing it like they did back in “the day.” There’s a lot of […]

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Before you start freaking out, if anyone should be loosely wired, then it would be me. Yes, this recipe has meat in it and it is chicken and not shrimp and yes, I did touch it to cook it. Don’t worry, I am okay. I know that most of my recipes are vegetarian, but I […]

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