Pea, Leek, and Broccoli Soup

It was purely a visual prompt that made me make this soup and not the combination of ingredients. It was pretty and sometimes that is all it takes for me to make a recipe. It was also a quick, throw everything into the pot type of recipe which is another thing I like when it […]

Mushroom Barley Soup

Okay, so I had to travel a great distance to gather the main ingredient for this recipe. This can’t be made without barley and for more than one year, I haven’t been able to buy barley locally. I had to drive for almost two hours so that should tell you how good this soup really […]

What’s on the Menu? WK#2

After completing one week with a menu plan, I figured out something…big green salads don’t go over too well for dinner. It’s not because the children don’t like them, but because it didn’t fill them up and I ended up having to supplement dinner that night with something else. Sunday B – Waffles L – […]

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