What’s on the menu? – Having it their way

I make chili, but it doesn’t have meat in it. Usually, meatless doesn’t matter in our home and everyone eats whatever I serve because, well, it’s good. This chili is good even if I do say so myself, and I do.

Before I canceled all chili making, I took a survey to find out why the chili wasn’t a favorite especially since it’s so easy to make. I like to cook, but if I can save time in the kitchen, then I’m all for that. What I learned is that they like the chili, but the sweet potato chunks were too big. Funny, because that is what makes the chili so special; the big sweet potato chunks.

As a mom, I am willing to please especially if it involves such an easy fix. Now, whenever I make this chili, I use one big sweet potato or two small to medium size ones and cut the chunks really small. That has made a difference.

Another special request came from Darling D, who asked for a soupier chili. I added 14 ounces more tomatoes and that did the trick. So now, Instead of one who likes this chili, there are four of us. The fifth man out (River) still wants meat in his, so I send him to his grandmother’s house whenever the chili craving hits him. Adding meat in this recipe is a little more than I’m willing to do. So, I guess only sometimes am I willing to let them have it their way.

{Make this quick, easy and delicious meatless chili.}

B – Buttermilk Biscuits and omelets
L – Eating elsewhere
S – Eating elsewhere
D – Spicy bean and lentil loaf, steamed green peas and baby buttermilk biscuits

B – Smoothie and toast (bread)
L – Egg salad sandwich (sandwich bread) and dill pickles
S – Fresh fruit
D – Crunchy oven-baked chicken toes and shrimp, jasmine rice and mixed vegetables

B – Oatmeal and fruit
L – Artichoke Hummus Wraps
S – Honey crisp apples and peanut butter
D – Onion soup, green salad and garlic bread

B – Lemon-blueberry muffins
L – Tuna pasta
S – Fresh fruit
D – Tofu lasagna rolls, sauteed broccoli and rosemary focaccia bread

B – Yogurt and granola parfait and fruit
L – Leftovers
S – Pretzels, olives and cucumbers plate
D – mushroom barley soup

B – Apple sauce and bagel w/cream cheese or peanut butter
L – Green salad w/vegetables
S – Fresh fruit
D – Homemade pizza

B – Yummy cinnamon rolls
L – Leftovers from the week
D – Sautéed vegetables over brown rice and corn bread

I have linked to the items that I have already shared at Milk & Honey Mommy. Eventually, I hope to have more recipes of the foods we eat posted so you can see how we put them together.

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