What’s on the Menu ~ Thinking Ahead

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had lost my desire to cook; I mean real cooking. Well, gladly it returned, but as I started putting my menus together of things I wanted to make, I noticed that a certain and same ingredient was missing, which prevented me from making many of those meals. It was vegetable broth. So far, I have only found two soup recipes that we like that don’t require broth. One is white bean soup (my quick-go-to soup) and the other is minestrone and pesto soup, which taste great with cheese biscuits.

I eat soup year-around, but I feel fall coming and I want more soup. I finally took the time and made two batches of broth. Most of it is already gone after being used in a few soups that I made. The rest has been placed in the freezer ready for me to defrost whenever I need it for the next time I’m ready to make more soup.

{Make this quick and easy vegetable broth and use or freeze until needed.}

B – Buttermilk Biscuits and omelets
L – Eating elsewhere
S – Eating elsewhere
D – Big green salad and rosemary focaccia bread

B – Smoothie and toast (bread)
L – Egg salad sandwich (sandwich bread) and dill pickles
S – Fresh fruit
D – Shrimp tacos, Mexican salad, and tortilla chips

B – Oatmeal and fruit
L – Artichoke Hummus Wraps
S – Apples and peanut butter
D – Onion soup, green salad and garlic bread

B – Cinnamon swirl muffins
L – Tuna pasta
S – Fresh fruit
D – Sweet & sour chicken and green salad

B – Yogurt and granola parfait and fruit
L – Lentil rice balls and steamed vegetables
S – Pretzels, olives and cucumbers plate
D – Spinach and chick-pea soup and onion biscuits

B – Apple sauce and bagel w/cream cheese or peanut butter
L – Green salad w/vegetables
S – Fresh fruit
D – Homemade pizza

B – Yummy cinnamon rolls
L – Leftovers from the week
D – Sautéed vegetables over brown rice and corn bread

I have linked to the items that I have already shared at Milk & Honey Mommy. Eventually, I hope to have more recipes of the foods we eat posted so you can see how we put them together.

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One Response to “What’s on the Menu ~ Thinking Ahead”

  • Comment from Tiffany

    I still have not made your cinnamon rolls but, I am going to make them before this year is out. Happy to see you got your mojo back. My feezer meals routine got interupted before our summer break and we still are not back to it. (sigh) We will get there though.

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