Cooking Mojo {lost and found}

My cooking mojo… I lost it. I’m not sure exactly where, but I had it one day and when I turned around, it was gone. Over the past months in my absence here, I have fed my children enough cold cereal to actually make them hate it and now accept it, which I don’t really like. A couple of mornings ago, when I actually felt like cooking (not really), I offered to make some real food and was refused because “cereal is faster.” They didn’t want to wait.

Their preference for fast food may be attributed to the fact that we have become familiar faces at some of the local fast food restaurants in our town. The lady at the donut shop reaches for our favorite donuts when she see us coming through the door.

Subway and Taco Bell have become favorite answers when I ask my children what they want to eat. Subway employees already know which sandwiches take cheese (and the type of cheese) and which one does not. Taco Bell, I don’t know what is wrong with them. They still managed 95% of the time to get our order wrong despite the fact we order the same thing every time. Plus, I always went inside (because they get it wrong) so I would be sure they were able to read my lips when I placed our order. I guess there is a reason for it being cheap food. You don’t always get perfect or what you order. One thing in their favor is my favorite burrito sauce, but I can make that at home now.

Well, this morning, I woke up and I felt like cooking. Not the hard-boiled egg type of cooking, but the pancake making, meal-planning kind of cooking. So far, I’ve made two meals for the upcoming week, sliced vegetables to be grilled for dinner and have a pumpkin pie (made from scratch – crust and filling) baking in the oven now kind of cooking. I think I may have a few more meals in me tonight, but I have other chores to complete.

I think it is back; my cooking mojo and it feels kind of good. Would you like to see what we’re eating this week? See our menu for the upcoming week.

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2 Responses to “Cooking Mojo {lost and found}”

  • Comment from Keya

    I miss your wonderful recipes.


    I will be back w/more recipes in September.

  • Comment from Yvonne

    Oh, goodie because I need some inspiration. My family is giving me the stink eye because I keep making the same 5 dishes. Maybe finding your cooking mojo will help my cooking mojo!! A girl can dream, right!?

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