What’s On the Menu? WK#1

This is my first week of following a schedule for food preparation. I’m not sure if these are a bunch of lofty ideas or menus I will actually make and complete. I can say that I already feel a weight lifted of of my shoulders as I already prep to make the meals for each day. Tonight, I will be making bread for the sandwiches we will take with us on our field trip.

B – Egg & Cheese Biscuit and hot chocolate
L – Hamburgers and chips
S – Apples and Peanut butter
D – Sweet & Sour Shrimp and mixed vegetables

B – Yogurt and granola parfait and fruit
L – Turkey Sandwiches (sandwich bread), carrot and celery sticks, cookies, and water
D – Big Green Salad w/chicken and foccacia bread

B – Cranberry-Orange Muffins and smoothie
L – Lentil Rice Balls and vegetable
S – fresh fruit
D – Burritos, Mexican Salad, and tortilla chips

B – Oatmeal and Fruit
L – Artichoke Hummus Wraps
S – Apples and Peanut butter
D – White Bean Soup, green salad, and toasted bread

B – Apple Sauce and Bagel w/cream cheese or peanut butter
L – Big Green Salad w/vegetables
S – Cracker Sandwiches
D – Make your own pizza

B – Pancakes
L – leftovers from the week
D – Spaghetti, green salad, and garlic bread

I have linked to the items that I have already shared at Milk & Honey Mommy. Eventually, I hope to have more recipes of the foods we eat posted so you can see how we put them together.

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3 Responses to “What’s On the Menu? WK#1”

  • Comment from Rana

    This sounds like a great menu. Can you share the lentil balls recipe?
    Have you considered using Plan to eat website for your menus and grocery list? I have been using it for the past year and it is great. I make my menu up for the month and shop every two weeks. There is also a link to snag recipes from the web without having to type the whole recipe. I’m not a spokesman I just love the site.


    I have not tried Plan to Eat, but have seen it on a few Web sites. It looks like you can do some really cool things w/the program. They have a 30-day trial which I may have to try. I did have the opportunity to try E-Mealz (review here) and did enjoy having the menus already planned and grocery list prepared, but I found that I preferred putting the menus together myself just because there are so many cool recipes that I want to try and I am a little more adventurous when it comes to food and ingredient choices. I will have the lentil balls up this month.

  • Comment from Tiffany

    Great menu! How did your week go and how is it going now? Menu planning has definately been a life saver here and its one less decision I have to make during the day.

  • Comment from Jamie B.

    I really need to get back on top of my menu planning. It really makes the days go smoother. I’m glad to hear that you are living life. And not just blogging about it. Thanks for checking in on me every once in a while. It’s good to hear from you! :)

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