Soup Swap {2012}

There are a few ways to describe me and one of them is a lover of soup. Soup is a comfort food. It is light enough to soothe you when you are ill and it can be heavy enough to answer that hungry, grumbling stomach, all the while providing the daily nutrients you need in one meal. Some soups are quick and easy to make by literally tossing anything available in your refrigerator, while others require a lot of chopping, simmering, and patience for just one tasty spoonful.

Most everyone enjoys some type of soup because it can have a little of to a lot of everything you like. I enjoy pretty much any vegetable in a soup. If you have finicky eaters, then soups may also be your answer because some vegetables taste better in a soup. My oldest son likes chick peas in a soup, but won’t touch them outside of the pot. See some of our favorite soups.

During the month of January, every Wednesday (1/4, 11, 18, and 25), I will be sharing one of our favorite soups. I must confess that they will all be vegetarian, but they will be delicious. If you have a recipe you would like to share (vegetarian, meat-based, gluten-free, etc.), then you will also be able to link up here and strut your “soup stuff.” Since I know that I have readers who are not vegetarian, I know they will enjoy a variety of soup recipes and I too have been known to “vegetarianize” (not a word, but it could be) a meat soup recipe a few times that has turned out yummy to me.

Feel free to use a new post or a previously written one. The only thing I ask is that you have a picture of the completed recipe because a picture is always a great motivator to get someone to cook and that is what I want is for people to not be afraid of – to clank a few pots together and get cooking.

Here is a really simple and quick vegetable broth that you can make which can be stored in a refrigerator or frozen until you are ready to use. I’ll see you back here next week because I already have a few good soup recipes I want to share.

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