Hot and Creamy Hot Chocolate

The fact of the matter is that it has just been plain cold these past few weeks. I don’t know what is up with this or the blooming scenes I see on the trees outside my window every morning, but I’m tired of being teased. Although we have less than one week before the first day of spring, I’m not going to be so gullible to believe that with it will come warm weather. Until then, I continue to look for ways to manage through this cold season.

Soups have been on the menu at least three times a week for the past two months and it will probably continue to be that way for the next two months. I can eat soup year-round. Yes, even during the summer months. I’m not really sure how I got talking about soup, so let’s move on.

As I said, I’ve been looking for ways to stay warm. Soups will do you fine (soup again) and even though you can drink soup (soup again), sometimes all we really need is a drink – a real drink. Since I’m not a coffee drinker, when I look for warm drinks I usually lean more towards teas (brewed and chai) and warmed chocolates.

I use to buy Nestle packaged hot chocolate, but had wanted to start making my own. When I finally ran out of my convenient little packages, I figured it was time to make the move. After tasting this recipe, I am so glad I did.

Pour water into a medium size pot and heat until slightly warm.

Add the sugar…

cocoa powder…

and salt.

Whisk the mixture on medium temperature.

A whisk works better than a spoon so you can separate the cocoa powder.

Don’t stop here because the sweetness is in, but we still need to add the chocolaty goodness.

I can never include chocolate chips in a recipe and not expect to have my children show up right behind me with their hands open.

Reduce the temperature to medium or lower and be ready to stir.

It’s not long before the mixture looks like this; thick and creamy.

Add the milk and keep your whisk moving.

Don’t let the visual fool ya. Even though the color of the milk dominates, the chocolate eventually takes over (but some of us know that already ;-) ).

The vanilla comes next…

followed by the cinnamon.

By the time I got here, I realized that my whisk (in the pictures) is nowhere to be found. Believe me, I was still whisking away. I’m not really sure what happened to it.

It is ready to go just like this or you can dress it up. As you see above, I chose whip cream and a little bit of nutmeg and there is some chocolate syrup too even though I’m not much of a fan. I just thought it looked pretty.

The children preferred marshmallows. Yes, our day was full of a lot of excitement and activity and they finally came down from the sugar high by the time bedtime rolled around.

this recipe came from Courtney whose ministry is to cook for His people.
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup cocoa powder
1 cup chocolate chips
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup water
  1/2 gallon milk (approx. 8 cups)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1 – 8 ounce whipped cream

1. Add water to a medium pot and heat to warm.
2. Add the sugar, cocoa powder,a nd salt and gently whisk until well combined.
3. Pour chips into mixture, lower temperature and mix well until chips completely melt.
4. Add the milk and continue whisking.
5. Add the vanilla and cinnamon and mix well.
6. It is ready to drink now or decorate it with a little bit of whip cream (or marshmallows like my kids prefer) and/or some chocolate syrup.
7. Prepare for the highest high you’ve ever had.

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