A Simple Burrito

making the perfect burrito

We are heavy Mexican food eaters over here. Back in the day (before we moved across country), there was a Mexican restaurant we would frequent so much where anytime we visited a new town, we always knew our evening (if it involved food) would probably end at that restaurant. Times are little harder now and would have to travel across at least four states to get to that restaurant.

brown rice burrito

Since, I’m not really in the mood for driving the distance every time I want me some Mexican food, and often just a simple burrito will do, I’ve had to hone my burrito making skills to satisfy my craving which might hit at any moment.

To start, I use brown rice, which I prefer, and if I use white, then Jasmine is also a favorite.

black bean burrito

These beans were soaked. Are you impressed? I am. I always impress myself when I am able to wait through overnight soaking and hours of boiling dry beans. You should try it sometime. You might also impress yourself.

onion burritos

When it comes to onions, I have no shame. I just hope, for your sake, that you never meet me after I’ve eaten one of these because a burrito wouldn’t be a burrito without onions.

fresh tomatoes on burritos

Tomatoes. My neighbors bounty ended a few weeks ago, so I’m back eating Roma tomatoes.

adding the magic baja sauce

This here is the magic sauce. I’ll tell you more about that later because it takes this simple burrito to a land far, far away, and it’s definitely a GOOD place.

hot salsa burrito

I don’t know why I must always use hot salsa. It burns my mouth and I have to always have something cold near by for drinking, but it is so good going down.

cheesy burrito

Add a little cheese. Okay, so add a lot of cheese.

fresh spinach burrito

I have nothing against lettuce, but it doesn’t go in my burritos. Spinach all the way baby!

the perfect burrito wrap

…and now for the perfect burrito wrap and roll. Fold both sides (about 1/4 the diameter on both sides) leaving about a visual is half of your content. Fold the sides in enough so they stay fold long enough for you to grab the bottom of the tortillas to roll.

the perfect burrito wrap

Try to keep the fold line all the way down on each side of the burrito to capture all of the inerds (sorry, I just wanted to say that – Is that even a word?) of the burrito.

the perfect burrito wrap

“Look Mom, one hand!”

the perfect burrito wrap

Okay, just like with any activity that poses danger, you should really be using two hands to roll. That way, you can catch anything that might want to escape and will all of a sudden pop out. Two hands is especially handy if you just so happen to put a lot of stuff (as I often do) inside of the tortillas. Whenever I make things at home, I sometimes make them big and I mean really big. We don’t do flat Taco Bell burritos (not a plug even though Taco Bell got me through my first trimester) over here.

delicious burrito ready to eat

There you have it. A nicely rolled burrito that is ready to be topped with any extras or accepted and eaten just the way it is.

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5 Responses to “A Simple Burrito”

  • Comment from Keya

    I’m ready to hear about that magic sauce-lol


    You know I’ve got that recipe to share. It will be coming this week and it is REALLY good!

  • Comment from Rana

    That looks so good. I’m looking for something that I can make at home since I can’t get to Chipotle like I want.


    I never had the chance (and they were everywhere) to go to Chipotle before we moved. Of course, there is not one to be found here and I’m dying to visit one after seeing a 60 Minutes segment about the company. I always thought they were a regular ol’ fast food restaurant and never bothered. I was wrong.

    Mexican is always the saving food in our house. Try this sauce recipe, the “magic sauce,” with your burritos because it adds such wonderful flavor. Maybe it will do until you can get back to Chipotle.

  • I’m starving and that looks just right.


    I hear you on that one. I think I’m gonna go whip one up real quick. If you decide to make one too, then also try making the magic sauce.

  • Comment from Faith

    That looks so good! I love Mexican food too! If I were up to me I would eat it everyday!

  • Comment from Keya

    This is burrito week in our house. I got this idea from you and my husband loves it so much. Thanks.

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