Pancakes – A Saturday Morning Special

pouring maple syrup on pancakes

There are not too many certainties in my life. I mean, I know my name, the time of day (right now it’s 2:37pm), and even where I live (somewhere that is cold right now). Everything else that happens in my life is by luck or coincidence. Okay, I have a little more faith in God to know that isn’t really how it all goes down.

It’s just when it comes to food, I will plan something particular for dinner and by the time that hour rolls around something else shows up at the dinner table. It is a little bit different on Saturday mornings. I don’t have to give it much thought because one thing I’m certain of is that I am serving fluffy pancakes for breakfast. The only thing in question is whether I’ll serve veggie sausage or veggie bacon on the side.

I use to use box mixes and now I don’t. We have the transfat frenzy to thank for that, which I guess in turn is a good thing. The only problem is that I had found a box mix I really liked, but after reading the ingredients and discovering that it did have transfat along with a lot of other ingredients that would probably send people into another frenzy, I decided not to use it any longer.

The search for a batter that taste great in not only pancake form, but also waffle form is very important. You see, while the others are woofing down pancakes, I’m quietly sitting at one end of the table eating waffles. I have to be in the mood for a pancake. It makes sense that one batter should taste the same whether it comes out as a pancake or a waffle, but you would be surprised because not all batters cook up the same in both forms. Nope, I’m not crazy, but instead a pancake/waffle connoisseur. I was once confused too and instead of eating the mediocre waffle, slapped a pancake on my plate.

Rather than try to solve the mystery, I just searched for another recipe. Well folks, I’ve found it and here it is in all of its glory. It’s simple and doesn’t even call for vanilla, which I like in a recipe, but is still delicious. This pancake (and waffle) recipe does well as a base for you chi-chi people who like to dress up your pancake or waffle with a whole lot of stuff (i.e. tropical and regular fruits, designer syrups, over the table condiments – jelly, peanut butter, etc.) and also holds up on its own with a little bit of nothing on top.

flour for pancakes

This is going to be a toss everything together recipe starting with the flour.


I have never tried this recipe using wheat flour. If you happen to do so, then let me know how it tastes.

sugar for pancakes

Add the sugar. This Is enough to make a difference in taste, but not enough to make you feel guilty. So pour the syrup on.

bking soda for pancakes

Baking powder, which is added next, has become my new best friend. I experimented and added a little more and the pancakes turned out fluffier. Baking powder is my friend. I like baking powder.*

salt for pancakes

Add the salt.

dry ingredients for pancakes

I use a hand mixer with this recipe and also sift the dry ingredients with it.

milk for pancakes

When I make this recipe, I use soy milk. I have also made it with skim milk and noticed the pancakes are a little fluffier. I also discovered the waffles are lighter and a soft crispy, but I have to keep an eye on the waffle iron because they are often ready before the timer/light goes off.

cracking an egg

I am a one handed egg cracker. I’m impressed are you?

oil for pancakes

Add the oil.

mixing pancake batter

Mix everything together. If the batter sits for a while, you may see the baking powder start reacting – the loose batter will become thicker. No need to fear. Everything is fine.

the ultimate cooking griddle

I pause now for a woman to woman conversation. Ladies, when your husband wants to buy a cooking tool, let him no matter how silly or useless you think that tool may be. Darling D wanted this griddle and I didn’t see any need for it because I figured a flat pan on the stove would do just fine. I use this griddle so often you would think it was my bright idea to purchase it.

cooking pancakes

When you see the pancakes bubbling, then you know it’s time to flip them unless you prefer darker cakes.

fluffy pancakes

This is just how I like them. These are really pretty pancakes.

heart-shaped pancakes

The Saturday before Valentine’s Day, we celebrated a little early and had heart pancakes. I even ate those instead of waffles.

buttery pancakes

I’m pretty simple when it comes to pancake dressing. Give me a little melted butter and some syrup and I’m good to go.

eaten pancakes

It really doesn’t get any better than this on a Saturday morning.

2 cups all-purpose flour
3 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
  2 eggs
2 3/4 milk
1/4 cup vegetable oil

How You Do It:
1. Add flour to a medium bowl.
2. Add sugar.
3. *Add baking powder, The 2 tablespoons is w/the extra I added which is mentioned above.
4. Add the salt.
5. Sift the dry ingredients well.
6. Add the eggs to the dry ingredients.
7. Add the add the milk.
8. Add the vegetable oil.
9. Mix the wet ingredients with the dry until it is well blended.
10. Using a measuring cup (approx. 1/2 cup), pour the batter on a griddle making a circle or desired pancake shape.
11. Flip the pancake when it begins to bubble (approx. three to four minutes).
12. Cook the pancake for another few minutes.
13. Lather and slather with butter, and drench in syrup or however you prefer to eat your pancakes.

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One Response to “Pancakes – A Saturday Morning Special”

  • Comment from Ty

    I stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks go. I just wanted to say that I have 3 young kids (5,2,and 9 months) who can be very picky eaters, but they loved these panckaes! I made them using whole wheat pastry four and they were DELICIOUS! My kids, hubby,everyone loved it. No more box mix for me! Thanks!


    When I read your comment, I just got all “ooey gooey” inside because I know how it is when you find something that everyone loves. You’re welcome and I’m so glad the recipe works for your family. Cooking for more than one person and each w/their own down right hard to satisfy special appetite can be a bit tiring because, as mommies, we want everyone to be happy and satisfied. You’ve got a lot of little ones and I’m sure dinner time (any meal time) can be quite interesting.

    Thanks for the idea of using whole wheat pastry flour. You did what I know I should do. I’m trying to move away from using so much white flour. I also love the feeling of tossing out box mixes. Scratch and fresh is so delicious.

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