Butterfly Strut

This is my masterpiece. After seeing it at Mama-Jenn, I just had to make it. I spent much time putting it together so that the children would have an example of what we were making. Actually, the hard part was finding some pretzels to complete the butterfly. I’m very proud of myself and it was almost difficult to eat it, but as you’ll see later, I had plenty of unsolicited help. It started with a few spots, some wings, and then pretty much the whole butterfly.

The other items are staples in our house, but the pretzels are something I bought specifically for making this snack. By the time we got around to making it, the bag was practically empty, and there were just enough pretzels left where we didn’t end up having to make deformed butterflies.

Lily thought we were making pigs, but I quickly cleared up her confusion. She sure did make me laugh though.

This is one of the few times I let them play with their food. You should try is sometimes because it sure is a lot of fun.

These were big minds at work here. It is always exciting to see where their creativity will take them.

River and Lily are daredevils and often think outside of the box more than I do. I usually tend to be black and white, left or right, up or down about things. You’ll never catch me in the middle or straying too far from the center. Quite predictable I am.

Canyon, on the other hand, pretty much does it his way. I haven’t yet figured out which way that is yet. I just know it’s different.

Not at any time during my tutorial did I instruct anyone to pack raisins or any other food item into their mouth.

Yeah, I’m talking to you!

We’ve had a little bit too much of this lately; kids eating more than their share of food. I would send them out to get jobs, but they have school, chores, plus the job market hasn’t been too bright during this economy. As soon as all of that clears up, they’ll be pulling their full weight.

Ta, daaaaaa! They seem mighty proud of themselves.

Canyon was still working on his, but he was eating while working and all of his ingredients disappeared really before he ever got started. He wasn’t too happy about that.

I made the mistake of leaving my butterfly too close to him at the table. Before I knew it, spots were disappearing, wings were flapping, and my butterfly was never to be the same again.

All of a sudden, my plate became a free for all and my butterfly was consumed in a matter of seconds which was less time than the minutes it took me to put it together.

Never, ever mess with a young boy and his food.

Realizing the only way to protect was to collect, Canyon grabbed what he could and finished off his plunder. Thief!

This is Lily’s masterpiece.

This is River’s masterpiece.

These were great fun putting together and just a little more fun eating. By the time we were done, we had consumed four apples. Fortunately, my children eat fruit well, but if your children don’t, then this may be a fun way for them to eat some without it being a chore for them and add a little more excitement to the eating experience. After all, eating is an experience and should also be delicious and exciting.

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  • Comment from Mama Jenn

    I LOVE how the kids gave their butterflies eyes, a nose, a mouth!!! I don’t usually keep stick pretzels in the house either, but I am finding that they are quite useful for alot of fun snacks!

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