I have Sinned


Okay. When I returned home after almost two weeks of vacation where I refused any invitations to use cooking tools, spread my own butter, or wash any dishes, I found getting back into the kitchen kind of hard to do. Although I did scramble a few eggs and cut some potatoes, every time we ate, someone else prepared the meals. Cooking in someone else’s kitchen is like sleeping in someone else’s bed. I prefer to do it in my own and can’t wait to get back to my own. I really really like my bed and I totally enjoy my kitchen. I ate plenty of Subway sandwiches (too many), hit a Chicago hot spot, never miss Whole Foods on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta, ate everything in sight at the Golden Corral, and discovered Panera Bread (where have I been?). I eat as affordably as possible when traveling.

When I got back home, I was craving something sweet, something fudgy and chocolate, but my craving wasn’t enough to move me toward my pantry for flour or sugar or to preheat my oven. I knew exactly what I wanted, but I had sworn to never go down that path again. You see, I’m a scratch girl. I’ve been one for quite a few years now and swore to never go back to my old way of life. It has been freeing, but then, at that moment, none of that mattered. Still confused? I don’t cook from boxes. Everything I make is from scratch. I’m even to the point in my cooking where I make my own loaf bread. The issues of transfat, sodium content, etc. are just a few reasons why I became this way. I have nothing against boxes, but I just don’t use them.

Before I knew it, I had an empty box of brownie mix in my hand and I was adding two eggs and mixing water into a medium size bowl at medium speed. I wasn’t sure where this was going to lead. Was I going to start craving boxed brownies and devoting a little space on my pantry for two boxes; one to use and one to have on hand?

Everything went well. The brownies were delicious. After satisfying my craving, with no intervention necessary, I remembered why I went scratch. I like measuring the sugar, sifting the flour, making foods taste just as I like them. There are so many other reasons, but those are just a few.

I’m Curious: Have you sworn off of or away from something and fallen off the wagon? Was it worth the fall?

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