Fast Food Chicago Style


One of the best things about travelling is seeing how other “foks” eat. The first thing I always look for is a bakery. Once the bakery is located, I look for the real food (nutritional value, proper amount of daily servings, etc.) because after dessert is decided, I’m able to concentrate on what is “really important” (hee, hee – dessert!).

We didn’t really plan where we were going to eat on our afternoon at Navy Pier, but knew we had to stay close because the play was to start at 3pm. I’m not really a hamburger and hot dog kinda girl (Navy Pier offerings) and the typical fast food wasn’t going to do the job. Why eat what you can get at home when you have so many other choices available?

When it comes to shoes and food, my sister has expensive taste (not extravagant) and isn’t ashamed about it at all. She likes quality, a good buy, but doesn’t typically shop the price tag. If she likes it, then she’s going to buy it. Me, on the other and, I like quality, a good buy, but I always glance at the price tag and put a lot of things back on the shelf because “I’m not going to pay THAT price!” I have to admit, I appreciate that about her because she knows what I like and never dissapoints. Filling our stomachs with enough to hold us over for the rest of the day was in her hands and she followed through which took us to Fox & Obel.


I like having choices when it comes to food, but it also becomes difficult when a decision has to be made. We didn’t have a lot of time, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted prepared food, a made-to-order sandwich, something from the cold fruit or hot dish bar, an already prepared sandwich, or if just chewing on a piece of bread would hold me over.


Don’t ask me how (it could have been the prices), but I managed to make it past this area without getting anything in the case. I stood drooling as long a I could before I headed over to the already prepared sandwiches. There were not a lot of choices for me, as far as vegetarian, so I opted for a vegetarian “vegan” sandwich. The sandwich didn’t scream “eat me,” and I wasn’t really excited about eating it, but knew I had to eat something. I also kept thinking about the size of sandwich $6 would buy me somewhere else, but we weren’t there.


This sandwich has spinach, tomatoes, hummus, and I added some pepper jack cheese, although it wasn’t needed, but it was one of the most delicious sandwiches I’ve had in a while.

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