Catching up {July 2012 – August 2012}

This is proving to be more laborious than I ever imagined, but I am determined to finish this series. After all, this blog is for more people than just me. Also, I hate starting something and not finishing it even if it takes me a little longer than expected. Shall we…?

We headed to Arizona to meet-up with family for a reunion. Yes, I’ve got a lot of relatives and there were quite a plenty there even without everyone being able to attend. Okay, I first will say that Arizona is beautiful country, but never, ever, never, ever, never, never, NEVER will I visit that state during the summer months again. Fortunately, we had access to a wonderful swimming pool, air conditioning, good food (a bit over-priced at the hotel – I know) and blue sky, but it was as hot as hell – or how I would imagine it to be sin.
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Catching up {May 2012 – June 2012}

Ah, as I was sayin’…Darling D and I celebrated another year of marriage.

Lily, Canyon and I went prom hunting because I had to take some pictures of local children out for the night. They scouted and I shot. All three of us made a great team. We may come together again this prom season and hunt more.
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