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About Milk & Honey Mommy

I’m long overdue for a current picture of myself, but for now, this will have to do because I’m still so infatuated with my camera, that I prefer being behind it rather than in front of it. It’s a love thing. Until then, you’ll have to get to know me, Milk & Honey Mommy, from the inside out. Isn’t that what really matters?

Yes, this is just one more mommy blog, but as you might see just one more person walking down the street, if you would stop and say hello, then you might find you have something in common with that person; I could be that person. I started blogging about green issues and later learned that, although I truly loved the topic, I enjoyed writing about more than that. More than that includes:

Captivated Kitchen – my accidental love of cooking (I apologize carnivores. When I cook, we do it veggie style in our house, but sugar still rules, and we always bake from scratch!),


Green~Natural~Frugal – MY personal take on the green life, getting back to the basics, being a little more natural, and rediscovering my creative self,


Homeschool Roster – our interesting, sometimes exasperating, but “always” fun homeschool journey,


Behind the Lens – somewhere to share my daily average of 20 pictures that I take,


Cyberlikes – other places online that make me laugh, cry, and motivate me to continue blogging as well as notes about online events in which I’m participating in,


In Our House – and let’s not forget the interesting, sometimes funny, and often head scratching happenings in our house.

Milk & Honey Mommy

You pick – “desired object, end of the rainbow, happy valley, land of plenty, land of promise, over the rainbow,” which are all descriptions of milk and honey as in “land of milk and honey” or my take, “house of milk and honey”. God has got my back and I’m leaning on Him. I’m living a blessed life He provides for me everyday and thankful for having and loving the opportunity of being a wife and a mommy; a Milk & Honey Mommy. Milk and honey is also a nickname for my native state, California, which contributes to much of whom I am, what I write about, and is my excuse for anything I do that nobody else understands.


The only readers of this blog who should take my written word as GOLD are my mother, father, sisters, brother, and extended relatives. For everyone else, thanks for reading, but this blog, for you, is just for entertainment purposes and as you will come to know, my children can often be quite entertaining. I’m not too shabby myself every once in a while. After reading my content, please take responsibility for your own actions.

Not Quite Enough Info? Okay, here’s a little more:

Read about one of the few times I ranted (the only time), or about one of my all time favorite bands (oh yeah, here’s another one), or things I do to make myself crazy, or why I sometimes don’t sleep well at night, or that it doesn’t take much to excite me, or how I “color” my kids green, or the day I wanted to cry, but instead smiled, or the periodic covert operations I launch to bring some sanity into my house, or some of the indoor activities we’ll be doing now that it’s FREEZING outside, or the person whom my children think is the coolest person (next to me) in the entire universe world, or better yet, YOU choose the topic or the post.

So read on, comment when you have something to say because I love good conversation, and please come back to see what is happening in our house.

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