Catching up {July 2012 – August 2012}

This is proving to be more laborious than I ever imagined, but I am determined to finish this series. After all, this blog is for more people than just me. Also, I hate starting something and not finishing it even if it takes me a little longer than expected. Shall we…?

We headed to Arizona to meet-up with family for a reunion. Yes, I’ve got a lot of relatives and there were quite a plenty there even without everyone being able to attend. Okay, I first will say that Arizona is beautiful country, but never, ever, never, ever, never, never, NEVER will I visit that state during the summer months again. Fortunately, we had access to a wonderful swimming pool, air conditioning, good food (a bit over-priced at the hotel – I know) and blue sky, but it was as hot as hell – or how I would imagine it to be sin.

When we returned home, we visited the Clement Railroad Museum and had a wonderful end to a great vacation. I like planning ahead, so I made sure that we had some fun before heading back home on an almost three hour drive home.

We haven’t been ice skating since we moved. Is was fun to get back out and not on (no falling here) the ice. It was cold, but considering it was hot outside, it was a nice reprive.

We bought a house. Ah, well, not really, but we got to live large for just one day as if it were ours.

The children and I got to hang out with Governor Bill Haslam. Who would have thought that he would think our town cool enough to visit. I sure could have thought of so other more exciting places in Tennessee to go to, but it’s all politics.

Even though he is still kindergarten/first grade, Canyon graduated at church and received his first grade Bible.

We have visited this before; children of the corn. They may be sweet and innocent looking, but you may notice they are standing in front of the corn. We had a successful beginning garden last year. There are a lot of things we learned and will do and not do this year, but it was nice being able to grab more than herbs from our garden. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to enjoy any of the corn before the bugs got to it. We’re looking for ideas, so that won’t happen again.

Theatre was alive and strong during the summer as the children rehearsed for Charlotte’s Web. The production went on without a hitch, except Lily had to step in for River during the last performance because he got sick. She had pretty much memorized all of the lines in the play of all of the characters. Lily played his parts as well as hers.

We met Bud Cason of Bud’s Best Cookies at a promotional event. Yes, Bud’s teeth are actually that white and yes, the cookies are good. They are the addictive kind (plus $1/bag), so you know they have a lot of stuff in them. My favorite is Butter Flavored. Bud was waving around $1 bills handing them out, so we could purchase his cookies.

These pumpkins are part of our summer crop. We plan to plant more this year (not by accident) a little bit later in the spring, so they are ready in October instead of August.

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