Catching up {May 2012 – June 2012}

Ah, as I was sayin’…Darling D and I celebrated another year of marriage.

Lily, Canyon and I went prom hunting because I had to take some pictures of local children out for the night. They scouted and I shot. All three of us made a great team. We may come together again this prom season and hunt more.

We enjoyed one of the many nights of music on the square in our small town. We literally danced the night away.

River, Lily and Canyon completed another year of AWANA. Awards were received and Lily was promoted to T&T. If there is an AWANA program near you (find AWANA), then I suggest you check it out for your children. It has been such a blessing for my children.

River was able to connect with one of his best friends when his family finally relocated to this side of the map. It was such a special treat for River and it was a pleasure for me to see their faces when they saw each other. Here is to a lasting friendship.

We finished up the school session with a field trip to a golf and game park with golf, games, race cars and bumper floats. It was the perfect day of fun for a lot of hard work.

Our church held it’s annual revival and we again helped deliver the invitations. This year, every residence in our city received an invitation to the revival and a can of Coke inviting them to come and learn about the “Real Thing.”

The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art opens its doors for free, fours times a year to homeschoolers and this was one of our many visits. We toured the Soul of City exhibit, which featured collections of African American Art.

River, Lily and I entered our first photography contest. Although none of us won a ribbon, it was fun deciding which of the many pictures we have taken to submit. Lily is standing in front of her picture “Ageless” (the Bible) and River’s picture “Rose of Life.”

We got back to our weekly family walks. I truly missed them during the colder months as we are having again now. Come on March.

Once again, we started a garden, BUT this year we were more successful than we were last year. Darling D joined us and we had a great bounty this year; carrots, radishes, pumpkins (that was by accident, but we’re doing it again this year), a variety of herbs, tomatoes and corn (the bugs enjoyed the corn). I’m looking forward to our harvest this year.

We were finally able to use the compost that we have been creating over the past two years in the garden to get it started.

The annual spring concert was held with all three children singing and Lily’s class also performed with hand bells.

Our old pool met its final days, but it was the best money ever spent. This is our new pool when we first got it. We are going to have to replace (ALREADY) it this summer.

Amazing Wonders was the theme for Vacation Bible school. Again I taught missions. The kids always have an amazing time during this week at church.

I took the children on a visit to a prison. Do you remember Scared Straight? Well, consider this option the next time your children give you a hard time (just kidding).

We attended a book signing by Memphis author Nancy Gentry, who was promoting her new book Little Blue, Little Gray. If you are looking for children’s books about the Civil War period or early 50s-60s, then take a look at her books. We added Rebel in Petticoats, The World of Ivy and The Secret and the Sunday Rose to our book collection.

Canyon got his first foot-long sandwich from Subway. It was exciting for him, but now he prefers a beefy-five layer burrito from Taco Bell.

Oh, please come back because we are only half way through the year of 2012. You can see what we did from January-February and March-April of 2012.

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