Catching up {March 2012 – April 2012}

If you didn’t know, I’m doing a fast rewind of the year of 2012. I’m not going through it as fast as it seemed to come and go, but I’m moving at a rapid speed to share and then take in 2013. You can start here with January and February to catch up because once I’m finished, there is no turning back.

As the months continued, there were a few long awaited experiences and some that were unexpected. I wasn’t really sure how to take them other than to just enjoy the moment as well as the memories we had.

A brief storm full of dark clouds, pouring rain and winds rushed through our town for about 20 minutes and then disappeared leaving blue skies and this…

Our reading tree, which we have enjoyed sitting under and reading so many books during the spring and summer days was damaged and had to be trimmed. We also used to enjoy our annual fall pictures of leaves like here with the leaves that fell from that tree. Now, it is half of a tree, but we still love it. At least raking leaves this season was easier, but we didn’t have enough leaves for our pictures.

I finally got to fill my “homeschool convention” fix and attended the Mid-South Homeschool Convention. It had been about five years since attending my last convention and I was so excited. I spent an entire day in the vendor hall because it was a one-day opportunity for me because of the long drive. Sadly, the convention is skipping our area for 2013.

Since being a member of the TOS Crew, I was familiar with so many of the companies that were there having reviewed a lot of their products. It was such a different experience. I made a list ahead of time of the companies I wanted to see in person. Along with meeting other TOS Crew members, I also got to meet Andrew Pudewa (IEW – love, love, love) and Dwane Thomas (Visual Latin – I like him too). I was a regular groupie with both Mr. Pudewa and Dwane. I believe they didn’t know what to think of me. Just like a musical artist who creates a great song, I get excited meeting authors who create great homeschool material.

I had the best time and actually bought only what was on my shopping list.

I took this picture of Canyon, because I knew that it would be a matter of minutes months and these cute and perfect set of teeth would soon start loosing its pieces. It wasn’t very long after this was taken that he lost the first one. I did the mommy wimper and realized my baby was growing up.

I wasn’t sure if Canyon’s new set of teeth would leave him looking like this. Believe me, she looks better when she smiles :-).

The season finally arrived for strawberries and we were there. I got so excited in the moment of them picking and me taking pictures that they had picked more than 20 pounds of strawberries before we were done.

Lily made a friend and was in heaven. His name is Jude and he let her ride him all day long. She had an exclusive opportunity to hang out w Jude and the other horses that were on the ranch we visited. A quick visit turned into a wonderful afternoon of fun for her and a pleasure for me watching her enjoy herself.

AWANA meetings continued to be educational and at times very, very funny. On one game night, River and other TNT members tried to move an OREO cookie from their foreheads all the way down to their mouths without using their hands. River won this round. I’m not really sure if I should be proud or concerned about his table manners. Oh, there was no table.

Eggs were dropped from the sky from a helicopter at our church and the children scattered early Easter morning. I’m surprised nobody was hit from the sky.

The annual spring concert was held. All three children sang. Lily’s class also played the hand bells and the boys’ classes played other hand instruments. After the performance, the older children were awarded a copy of one of the books from the Then Sings My Soul hymn study series. I love those books and we’re using them in school this year.

We enjoyed a few more field trips, which as I said, I will share more about later.

All this week, I will be linking up to the TOS Crew Blog Cruise where we look back at 2012.

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  • Comment from Tiffany

    What a blessed year. What a smart idea to take a picture before the teeth came out. Great pictures love the Oreo cookie,

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