Catching up {January 2012 – February 2012}

With the exception of a few…a lot…okay, a whole big bunch of homeschool product reviews, it has been kind of quiet here at Milk & Honey Mommy. Yes, we’ve been busy. Oh, how we have been busy, which makes one wonder why I haven’t been sharing since that is the case. Well, I just haven’t made the time and I sure miss hanging out here.

It is time to get back; back to writing, back to posting and back to clicking the publish button. To cut down on the confusion and also because there are a few highlights I want to share, I’m taking you back. I thought about going as far back as September 2011 last year because there were some really fun things we did, but December 2012 is coming to a close and well, it’s time to move on.

So everyday this week or until I finish, I will share our months to bring all of you current as to what we have been doing. I will only go back as far as January. Don’t worry. That is January 2012.

It was totally all about basketball during the months of January and February. We had such a great time last year and could barely wait for the season to arrive this year.

River was one of the youngest and one of the shortest (first time) players on his team. The boys were older, more skilled and faster. It gave him a taste of what playing with the big boys would be like in the upcoming years.

This was the final score of the final game. Lily managed to earn 12 of those 22 points, but of course it was not without the assistance of her teammates. Height didn’t matter as much on her team — the girls “got game” — some of the shorter players managed to keep up and make several baskets.

I don’t know how it is w/older girls, but these little girls are quite competitive (and passionate). They definitely played to win.

Players on all of the teams received trophies. Next year, Canyon will be able to play and he is ready.

I broke my favorite bowl. It was a stove top mishap. Between placing it on a warming eye, cooking and simply not paying attention, this is what I got. I even considered trying to salvage it because it was such a great bowl.

I tried to AGAIN complete my Sewing to Summer project and didn’t even make it into the first month. Well, I did finish something, but never posted the clothing. Believe it or not, I am going to try it again this year because there is absolutely no reason that I shouldn’t be able to finish this project.

We had a lot of cold weather. That seems to be the norm here during that time of year. These are the only three people who I know who would eat Popsicles on a very cold day and outside. I’ve got some true characters. Without mentioning any names, I’ve got one who has to be reminded to put on his coat and would rather be wearing shorts.

We got to meet Craig Campbell when he dropped by our tiny town to film an episode of Great American Country’s (GAC) Day Jobs. He used to work as a correctional officer before becoming a country music star. Even after a very long day of filming, he accommodated us by taking a picture and even had a smile and some kind words to share.

Our year was full of a lot of field trips, which I will share in the upcoming months.

All this week, I will be linking up to the TOS Crew Blog Cruise where we look back at 2012.

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3 Responses to “Catching up {January 2012 – February 2012}”

  • I want to sew too! I am learning to knit, but I do want to learn sewing as well. I have done pillows and a valance or two, but I hardly count that!! Have a blessed 2013!

  • Comment from Rana

    Hi Jennifer, I got your email and like you we have been busy,busy,busy!

    I can’t wait to read your upcoming blog posts and see all that you and the family have been doing. I promise I will email you back.

  • Comment from Tiffany

    Looks like a wonderful year. I have one who likes cold treats year round and would like to go outside without jacket or shoes on cold days. sigh.

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