There is Still Time to Celebrate Advent

If you thought it was too late to celebrate Advent with your child, then YOU WOULD BE WRONG! If you are anything like me, then you had big plans for the month of December. As the middle of the month approaches, those plans may seem less likely to happen with the rush of shopping, squeezing school in somewhere, and just getting a handle on fitting in everything you still want to do.

One commitment I made was to acknowledge Advent in some way and I went as far as to purchase Amanda White’s Truth in the Tinsel: An Advent Experience for Little Hands which is a wonderful way to bring Jesus back into the season and celebrate Him with your children. The Truth in the Tinsel is a combination of five activities that you do daily with your child which include:

  1. The Clue – 24 picture and word clues of the study for the day which are offered either as cutouts to put into your own Advent calendar or to make a printable paper chain.
  2. The Scripture – The chosen Scripture passage for the day mentions the daily clue as well as offer words of meditation for your child.
  3. The Ornament – The ornament is something from the passage read and offers your child a chance to be creative and bring to life something they heard about in the Scripture read for the day.
  4. The Talk – While making the ornament, this is a great time to discuss what your child learned from the passage of the day.
  5. More – Amanda includes some extras (DVD selections, additional Bible Scripture, etc.) to use if you want to pursue the daily study further with your child.

Although the study is written with 24 days of activities, Amanda knows there are mothers out there like me who needed another option because the month would get on top of us, so she also includes alternate schedules of six (Just the Basics or By Book of the Bible), seven (Prophecy), or ten (Characters) days of study that allow you to still accomplish celebrating the season the way you intended with your child.

Truth in the Tinsel is normally $4.99, but through midnight (ET) tonight, you can receive 20% off of the E-book using the promo code 12DAYS to celebrate her 12 Days till Christmas Sale. Amanda has also added a new 12-day schedule to count you down to December 24th.

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