They met each other on a Friday afternoon and in less than 24 hours later, they were inseparable. The kind where when you see the other, you run into each others arms and embrace.

We went to a family reunion and although the cousins I grew up with were not represented as usual at this reunion, there was a new generation making their mark that included River, Lily, and Canyon.

I’m not sure where they were coming from, but the little people cousins were everywhere. As you see, there is always ONE in the bunch and that one belongs to me. Canyon can be very silly sometimes.

It reminded me of the time we visited my aunt and the children instantly bonded with each other. That is just what children do when we adults step out of the way. They have a way of coming together and just getting along.

I think people should be more intentional about attending reunions or at least take the opportunity to get to know extended family if given the chance. There are some great relationships that were built during that weekend. I can speak from experience that the relationships I have with extended family is priceless and it is so much better when you get to build it from a young age (per my father – Mr. Family Tree and cousin finder extraordinaire).

Family. You can just count on them.

All of this cousin “stuff” reminded me of a special little book I use to read when I was younger. Beaten and a little tattered, I still have the book after all these years; Eighteen Cousins.

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  • Comment from Tiffany

    Oh I just love these pictures. I remember how much fun family reunions were for me growing up. If my mother did not think attendance was important I would not be as close to many of my family members today. What an opportunity for you little ones to build relationships with extended family.

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