Baring It All

I was walking around my house the other day and I saw a lot of this.

I walked into another room and there it was again.

For a moment, I thought my eyes were definitely playing tricks on me, so I rubbed them, and walked into another room and I saw the same thing again.

With the exception of our school room/office, our walls are bare as in there is nothing on them as in there is no personality as in who lives here?

When I was younger, there was rarely a chance you would find a bare spot on my wall to hang anything because everywhere there was to hang something, I had something on my walls. I have not had pictures on my walls anywhere that I’ve lived since I was in college. I think when I was younger, there was more of a need and a desire to define myself and what you put on your walls does that. Beyond the paint color, which has been the interpretation of me as I’ve gotten older, I’m longing for a little more definition. It’s time to get something on the walls to define the people who live here and then there will be no more questions.

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4 Responses to “Baring It All”

  • Comment from Barb

    Bare spots on walls? We have tons of that around my house!


    It sounds like we both could use a little help.

  • Comment from LisaRose

    I have some beeeuuutiful canvasses that I had the children finger paint for my white, white laundry and have actually been asked a couple of times where I got them :) The hubby and I have been looking for 15 years to buy a painting that we both love, wonder if we ever will agree on one … sigh


    I bought canvas a few years back for my children to hand paint on it and we never got around to it. Since we are studying art this year, maybe we will get some of their pictures on the wall.

  • I live in a boy house, so I’m the only one who cares about decor. The boys fill their walls with posters, stickers and cling art. My husband has a rock and roll room, and my office is filled with the boys’ artwork. I am decorating a little bit at a time, and it’s coming along. I use a lot of our photos, and I like to shop Home Goods and Pier 9, too. Have fun!

    I’m stopping by from the crew blog hop. thanks for linking up! I am already a GFC follower, but I’ve got you on Twitter and FB now, too.


    Thanks for stopping by. I’m going to take it one wall at a time. How do men always put it together so quickly?

  • Comment from Michelle

    I have very few walls which don’t have anything on them and if I do, I know exactly what I want to put on them and am just waiting until I can afford to put it there. When we moved recently most of our walls had decor on them within 48 hours. I wonder what that all means. Something to think about.

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