I Feel Good!

Can you hear James Brown singing in the background? That was a nice break. I know it was unannounced, but I didn’t even know I was going to take it. Sometimes, you just have to step away from the computer, no matter how difficult it is, and do some other things you enjoy in life. I threatened to return sooner because I could feel those little “need to blog” urges stirring inside of me every once in a while, but I resisted and now I feel more refreshed and ready to start writing again. After all, I’ve “gots” (not a word) a lot to say.

Before I start back with my regularly scheduled blogging, I think you all deserve to know what we have been up to for the past few months…

We Went on Our Annual Pickwicke Belle Cruise…

Okay! It was May, it was spring, and the day before this field trip, the weather was a sweltering something in the 80 degrees. On this day, the sun (and its warmth) decided to stay hidden right up until we were finished with our lunches in the pavilion and ready to go home.

That didn’t deter any of us from having a good time.

Even though it was cold, Lily asked me several times if she could take off her coat. Having it unzipped is about as close as she got.

Despite what you may think, Canyon is having the best time of his life right here, but has a difficult time showing it.

There were a few promotions

River is almost finished with his T&T Awana book.

Lily completed her Hanglider Sparks book and received a ribbon and certificate.

Canyon finished his Cubbies book and will move on to the level.

We got some strawberries before the end of the strawberry season

I believe in signs, subtle and the obvious, and following this one led me to one of my simple summer pleasures.

It’s times like this that I really start missing California. My love of strawberries make me do that and if for nothing else, I suggest to everyone to move to California just so you can have fresh, local and fresh strawberries practically year-round.

We planted seeds to grow our first garden from seed

This was a first for us and something I have been looking forward to doing. It was really quite easy getting everything started. We were so excited at the sighting of the first buds and getting a chance to watch them grow…

and that is just what they did. They grew, and grew, and got tall enough where they were ready to be transplanted to their future home in our backyard…

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