I Feel Good, Pt. 2

{continued from I Feel Good, Pt. 1}…

Death became them…

Well, a few weeks later, I killed ALL of those same beautiful seedlings we grew and they have joined the other weeds in the area where they were to have grown. It hasn’t been a good growing season in our house.

A resurrection took place…

My computer died. Well, it would come on, but I couldn’t access anything in it, so to me it was dead. After suffering through weeks wondering why I hadn’t backed up my system more often, trying to figure out how to recreate all of my files, and reminiscing about all of the photographs that were now trapped in my computer, I decided to give it one more try. By the grace of God, I was once again able to access my computer and the first thing Darling D did I did was back up my system. So far, everything has been fine.

We discovered that evil incarnate lives in our backyard and front yard and everywhere outside and around our house…

We found out that Lily is allergic to poison oak and/or poison ivy. This was discovered after she had sat down in, rolled around in, and rested unknowingly in a patch in our yard. Fortunately, it didn’t take over her whole body, but it was enough to cause her to experience a few uncomfortable weeks. After surveying our yard, we have found that both plants have taken up residence here and we issued eviction notices.

We made a sweet acquaintance who is civic-minded…

Emily (I didn’t have my camera when I met her, but later got this shot) and a few hundred of her “friends” are biking across the US (she’s biking from NC to San Diego) with Bike and Build. Bike and Build is a non-profit that organizes “service-oriented cycling trips” and promotes civic responsibility in young adults who ride during the summer to raise funds for affordable housing.

So that is just a little bit of where we have been and what we have been doing. It’s nice to be back here with all of you.

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One Response to “I Feel Good, Pt. 2”

  • Comment from Jamie B.

    Poor Lily! Thanks for posting the pic. I hadn’t really seen any of those poison leaves before. So glad you were able to get your computer back!

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