Family Movie Nights

I don’t know what you’re up to at your house on Friday nights, but over here in our house it’s Family Movie Night. If I’ve planned properly, then I check the mailbox to see what Netflix has sent us or scroll through our long list of movies I’ve DVR’d or check the television listing to see if there are any family friendly movies being shown that evening. Darling D pops popcorn on the stove top with loose kernels (no Jiffy Pop or microwave even though a micorwave bag has been slipped into the house before) and we sing the family popcorn song.

With all of the movie choices out there, you would think that finding a movie for Family Night would be really easy, but the key word is family and sometimes finding a movie that doesn’t require fast forwarding or completely shutting off can be difficult. A few times I have been surprised like when I stumbled upon Family Movie Night and found Change of Plans and you can’t really go wrong with a Hallmark movie like The Lost Valentine starring Jennifer Love Hewitt which was especially welcomed since I, on occasion, still go through Ghost Whisperer withdrawals. Two other Hallmark movies we enjoyed are Beyond the Blackboard and Front of the Class, both true stories, that left a few of us in tears. So far, Lily’s favorite Hallmark movie is Meet My Mom (also known as Soldier Love Story). We’ve seen it ah,…hmm…quite a few times. It’s cute.

Every Friday night is a surprise as to what we will watch. We have seen a few classics like Pollyanna, The Parent Trap (I’ve always loved it and the original is the best.), Journey to the Center of the Earth (we’ve seen the original and remake), Meet Me in St. Louis, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, just to name a few. Yes, we venture back to the old movie days a lot.

Turn the camera onto some of the newer movies and I have to say that I’ve been surprised by some of the movies we have seen. I say this meaning I’ve enjoyed them better than I thought I would. My kids are easy sells with anything animated, but I’m not really a big fan and usually try to find movies with people (human beings) in them. A few movies we have seen that surprised me are:

Everyone’s Hero My kids started watching this movie when they were back flat at the dentist a few years ago. I was able to get them out of the chairs with the promise we would rent the movie to see. Well, after a while none of us could remember the title and it wasn’t until a few years later that we remembered it, finally rented it and enjoyed it.

Everyone’s Hero is a movie directed and produced by the late Christopher Reeves. We meet Yankee Irving, a young baseball and Yankee’s fan (of course), who witnesses the stealing of Babe Ruth’s famous bat. To restore his family’s reputation and help the Yankee’s win the World Series, he sets off on an exciting adventure to retrieve the bat and return it to its owner. You can see a lot of Christopher Reeve in this movie that encourages people to never give up despite one’s challenges.

Watch Everyone’s Hero Trailer | Buy Everyone’s Hero

Bolt If I’m going animated, then I do people better than animals BUT this movie was totally cute and really funny. I remember when this movie was first advertised and I changed the channel because it had talking animals in it. How it got in my house and into my DVD player, I’ll never know, but I can stand these talking animals. Think Jim Carey in The Truman Show, but replace him with a cartoon dog, and you have Bolt.

Bolt is fierce, can shoot lasers from his eyes, can destroy most anything with his super bark, and works side by side Penny, his secret agent owner, protecting the world from evil doers. Ah, yeah right, but Bolt doesn’t know it, because he is living what he believes is his real life; instead it’s all just a television show. Bolt’s reality is revealed when he escapes to rescue Penny and that is when the fun begins. The pigeons totally crack me up, but I got a great laugh (it makes me smile now) when I remember the conversation Bolt has with the cat nemesis at the beginning of the movie. Funny!

Watch Bolt Trailer | Buy Bolt

Tangled “Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.” Yep! I thought it when I saw the trailer for Tangled and I already decided my kids wouldn’t be seeing this movie. I guess “Mama, ain’t always right.” Well, I am, but I was wrong about this movie. There was no sex and no drugs, but there is some singing by Mandy Moore who is the voice of Rapunzel.

This movie is fantasy SO there is magic in a flower and then in Rapunzel’s hair, but once you get past that, the movie is fun and enjoyable. Rapunzel has been locked in a tower for years “for her protection” from the world. When the dashing thief Flynn Rider (with the birth name of Eugene, but don’t tell anyone) seeks refuge in Rapunzel’s tower, she musters up courage and sees an opportunity. With Flynn’s unwilling help, Rapunzel leaves her tower to see the world and to get a first hand look at the floating lights she has seen once a year, every year, from her window. Rapunzel also gives you another reason to love your frying pan.

Watch Tangled Trailer | Buy Tangled

Do you have a Family Movie Night at home? What movies have you and your family enjoyed together?

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3 Responses to “Family Movie Nights”

  • Comment from Joy

    Lily “Meet My Mom” is my favorite too. I have seen it many times and cannot wait for it to come on again.

  • Comment from Sue

    Great ideas! I am reluctant to let my adopted kids see Tangled; can be hurtful/confusing for some adopted kids.

  • Comment from Jamie B.

    The original Parent Trap IS the best! And so are old movies! I looooooove Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! “Bless your beautiful hide!” Hahahah! I don’t have a problem with magic. And I thought Tangled was good. I just resented Flynn’s little lecture about how everyone rebels against their parents. Um. I’m a parent now and I’d really rather not have any encouraged rebellion, thank you very much Disney! Have you heard of ClearPlay? If not, you have GOT to check it out. It has opened up sooooo many more movie options for us.


    I agree w/you about Flynn’s comment…I know and it’s Disney! I haven’t heard of ClearPlay, but it sounds like something I should check out.

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