Believe Because It’s True

My mom left on a jet plane…okay, just a regular old plane, but jet plane sounded better because I felt like singing a song and we really don’t know when she’ll be back again, but we hope it is soon.

The children really enjoyed their time with Gram and so did I. It was nice getting to spend so much time with her and I think she would have stayed if Granddaddy wasn’t expecting her home sometime soon. A few times, while nobody was listening, I asked her to take me back to California with her. She just smiled at me. I’m not sure if she smiled because she thought I was kidding or maybe she just thought I was crazy. Hmm!

Well, as always, my mom left me with a few things to ponder and some lessons learned…

Yes, it is true that you can actually shop until you drop. We spent the last few days of her trip shopping. It was fun (a whole lot of fun) like Christmas in July kind of fun, but by the time the end of the week rolled around my children didn’t want to go riding in the car anymore and I was just a little bit dizzy and so tired that I couldn’t sleep. Just think zombie and that was me.

Don’t put off for tomorrow (or next week) what you can do today. My mother had been talking about visiting this intersection even before she arrived because of a happy childhood memory.

It was near that place that the first black Baptist Church in West Tennessee was built. My mother and her family had traveled all the way from Georgia to visit her aunt who was the church secretary at the time and my mother had talked the whole way. (If you can read the little bitty letters on the sign, then you can read a little church history.)

Since our family is known as talkers, I have a tendency to believe that she really did talk all the way.

I’ve always enjoyed listening to my mother’s stories about when she grew up and visiting those places. There was a lot that had changed over the years like the new buildings behind the church, but everything else was pretty much the same.

There was something that showed the sign of the times…First Baptist Church is expanding and with that expansion comes the demolition of the oldest black business in Memphis, T.H. Hayes and Sons Funeral Home.

If we had shown up next week or decided to visit the area on her next visit, then the building would have no longer been standing and my mother wouldn’t have been able to see it one last time.

The last bit she left me with is that absence really does make the heart grow fonder and we already miss you so much Gram.

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2 Responses to “Believe Because It’s True”

  • Comment from Jamie B.

    I love these pics! Historical trips are fun. Great lessons from your mom.

  • Comment from Margaret

    Dear MilkandHoney Mommy,
    The photos and narrative of Gram’s visit are wonderful. The beginning is a little sad – leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when . . . Grandparents must visit every year, especially during the children’s young years !!!!

    Aunt M.

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