My Saturdays

For the past few months, my Saturdays have been full with basketball. Lily and River played their little hearts out and considering this was the first year either of them played, I think they did pretty well.

Coming together as a team was familiar to more than a few since they were returning from the last season. For others like Lily, although she knew many of the girls from church, this was the first time she played on an athletic team.

The league was church sponsored so there was a lot of praying, encouragement of the players, and during half-time a Bible verse was read and we prayed again.

There were enough girls to put together two teams and the first few games (the boys and the girls) were quite amusing. There were a lot of regular rules of basketball that were overlooked to give the players a chance to learn them. My joke with Lily is that she was an international traveler when it came to handling the ball. She is a runner and figured she could get the ball to the other end of the court a lot faster if she just ran with it.

Fortunately, by the time the “rules grace” was over, she understood that the ball had to be bounced and not run down the court. In fact, all of the players got their “game-on” and competition was fierce on both sides and I’m just talking about the girls.

The practices didn’t last all night which was good for me and River and Lily liked staying up past their 7:00PM bedtime.

It wasn’t long before confidence grew and making a basket wasn’t a surprise whenever it happened.

In fact, whenever River got a ball in his hands he was aiming at the basket. I’m really thinking we might have some basketball players in the family.

During one of her games, Lily was the same with the ball. Whenever the ball came into her hands, she wanted to make a basket and she did. She literally won the game for her team by scoring 16 points out of 18. Unfortunately, I was at home that afternoon nursing River back to health. There are no pictures, but there are witnesses. I was so disappointed because I missed it and never got to see her do it again during any of the remaining games of the season.

They both received trophies for a season well played. We can hardly wait until basketball returns again next year.

I hope your Saturday (and Sunday) is full of a lot of fun and some relaxation.

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  • Comment from Dee

    16 points? Go Lily! My husband coaches a b-ball team of teenagers in his spare time. You would think one of my kids would have some type of interest with such a fanatic for a dad. Sadly (for him), no.

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