A Few Days with the “Sickies”

We spent a few days w/the Sickies last week. River, Lily, and Canyon all had a little bit of something going on and the regular allergy stuff got to me. It came unannounced earlier last week starting with River and circulated through the house touching one child after the other, boldly refusing to leave our home. It finally gave the answer of “yes” to Canyon’s unending and repetitive questioning…”Is River sick mommy?”…”Is Lily sick?…,” which, for the past couple of months, he has been in the habit of asking before eating from his own plate or drinking from his own cup with the hope of ensuring a germ-free experience. Perhaps, he knew It was coming.

Books were stacked and ready and worksheets were prepared for school. Although I spent much of the weekend getting everything ordered and listed, I guess I was just too well prepared for the entire week and after Monday, plans had to be changed for the rest of the week. Really, what kind of mother would I be if I made them do school work in the midst of their gut wrenching hacking coughing, sore throats, and lack of appetites?

So, we did things a little bit different for our week and still managed to get some schoolin’ done in the midst of it all…

I made them some hot chocolate, which has become a favorite for us. It was especially nice since it was still a little bit cold too cold for me while the sun had the nerve to come out and shine as if it was handling its business.

River and Lily played a few games of checkers. I am not sure who won any of the games, but I consider myself a winner since I didn’t have to moderate any disagreements.

While they played, Canyon fixed a few things around the house.

Canyon and Lily played dolls for a while and I played too and actually enjoyed myself.

Lily did a little dancing which is proof I am justified in not shutting down school completely for the week. Believe me, someone (I’m not mentioning any names), but he is about four feet tall, has hazel eyes, and is quite handsome who tried to work me with an exaggeration of his symptoms hoping it would delay the starting of school. I’m no sucka’ homeschool mommy.

We did not have a heavy week, but the kids managed to work through their independent binders and I even was able to squeeze in some group work with a new art program – See the Light (the review is coming April 22) and they came up with these very creative pictures.

The bad mommy that I am misplaced Canyon’s picture, but he doesn’t know it. I’ll find it.

Despite the “sickies” came to visit, we had a quite productive week. I’m hoping to try it again this week without all of the sickness. Spring, come on baby, we’re waitin’ on you!”

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2 Responses to “A Few Days with the “Sickies””

  • Comment from Rana

    I know when we were sick the last thing we wanted to do was work. But I think that was because I was sick too. We read a lot of stories and played some games, but most of the time we slept. I hope everyone is healthy soon and up and running for the spring weather.

  • Comment from Misty

    Aww, so sorry to hear your kiddos were so sick. I’m impressed you got even a little work done. When we were sick a couple of weeks ago all we did was curl up on the couch and watch movies.

    BTW, Canyon looks so stinkin cute with his handyman gear. Adorable!

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