Rock Star and Plans

I always love coming back from a long break because I feel like a rock star…minus the guitar…minus the three-toned long hair…minus the shrieking singing voice…minus the head banging…minus the…

So far, this year is not going any way near the way I planned. Last year, was a little bit different. I had dreams and goals and was headed in the right direction. I even started working out at the gym. It no longer hurt when I bent down to pick something up and sitting on the floor was no longer a scary idea fearing I wouldn’t be able to get up.

Although I never reached my five-mile running goal (something I used to easily do and more), I was at a good three plus miles and was able to breathe, talk, and hold a decent conversation because sometimes that is what running partners like to do. There really is no reason for me to have figured that my rhythm would not have continued into the new year. Well, I WAS WRONG!

My running shoes have become everyday walking shoes taking me from one place to another, but never at a pace faster than my normal gait. My eating habits have taken a 180 degree turn and my new nickname is “Junkfood Jennie.”

As we prepare to enter into the third month of 2011, I have probably already drunk as many canned sodas in this short period of time that I drank the entire last year. Milk Way bars have been on sale for $.50/bar and well, I have had a few because a good sale is hard to pass up.

Now in closing, I leave you with this final confession…this bag of puffed badness is only one of many bags that I have managed to completely consume all by my little self. I don’t even really like these. I prefer Cheetos, which I know is also not quite a good edible choice. It happens sometimes. Plans fall through, but I guess I can always continue to dream of becoming a rock star.

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One Response to “Rock Star and Plans”

  • Comment from Rana

    Never quit dreaming! Don’t stop starting. I think we are sisters in crime because I have fallen off the bandwagon a long time ago. Coke has consumed me and I love my Hershey bars. This month we are going to try and make it a “Fast Food Free” month. I will let you know how that goes! :P

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