I Need to Brag

Maybe brag isn’t the right word. I am going to share about one of my sisters. I’ve mentioned her a few times here on my blog like here and here and here and I guess this will be just another one of those times that I’m adding to all of the other times. Really, why stop talking about her. Ah, maybe brag is actually the right word. Along with that, I wanted to say how PROUD I am of her for continuing to follow her passion for acting.

My sister Karen has been performing in the lead roles (three plays rolled into one) of The Trinity River Plays written by Regina Taylor. The play did its run in Dallas and closed with great reviews. Now, it has moved to Chicago, which is home town for anyone in theatre, and has opened at Goodman Theatre. The play runs through February 20. If you are in Chicago or can get there before that date, you will definitely be in for a treat. You can purchase tickets here and also learn more about the plays. You can also read Karen’s interview by EbonyJet Online.

UPDATE: Review from the Chicago Tribune

If you are hitting the movie theater anytime soon, then you can also catch Karen in her new movie, The Dilemma. Some other people you may have heard of are in it too (Kevin James, Queen Latifah, and Vince Vaughn), but I will of course only be looking for her part. She is playing the role of Receptionist. It’s a non-descript role where she appears on screen long enough to see her before you blink, but it was enough to update her IMDB listing. Truth be told, I’m probably going to wait for it to hit DVD because I no longer go to the movie theaters. Getting gum stuck to my shorts was enough to end any desire for that type of outing. I now prefer watching movies in the comfort of my home without having to worry about gum.

If you get a chance to see either, then let me know what you think.

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3 Responses to “I Need to Brag”

  • Comment from amy

    Congrats to your sister! The theater world is not easy but she is making her mark! If I get a chance to make it out to Chicago I will check out the play.

  • Comment from MsB.P

    Congratulations to your sister. You are not bragging, you just a proud happy sister. When my sisters write they books I will talk about it to everyone who ready to know :)!

    Send her my congrats :D.

  • Comment from randi

    awesome! i saw the movie, but didn’t know to look for your sis at the time. :(

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