A Lesson a Cinnamon Roll Taught Me

We have been making this recipe since…well, if you look at Lily in the picture, then you know it has been for a long time. She was four at the time I took this picture.

River was five.

Canyon, who had been trying to help ever since he could pull himself up to the island in our old kitchen, was not even two. Wow! They really do grow up quickly.

I got this recipe from one of those card “thingys” you get in the mail trying to get you to buy some cookbook or some package of cooking cards that you “just have to try!” I would sort through the cards and pull out the recipes I thought I might try, sometime. You may notice that all of the cards most of the cards I pulled out are of sweet treats. Good looking pictures make me want to cook.

Well, this one in particular looked good so of course, we had to try it.

We have made this recipe many,


many times and I have learned a few tips and an important lesson along the way.

Tip #1 – Don’t roll your dough out within an inch of its life if you want fluffy, cake like cinnamon rolls. It shouldn’t be as flat as a pancake.

Tip #2 – All that butter really isn’t necessary.

Tip #3 – For the love of everything that makes you who you are as a human being, DON’T forget the cardamom.

Lesson – Sometimes, perfection is achieved over time. I say that to all of you, but especially to those who say “I can’t cook,” “I don’t bake well,” or “cooking is too hard.” If you really want to do something, then don’t give up (even outside of the kitchen) on anything you want to achieve. Do you see how many years I had to work for this cinnamon roll? It was almost too pretty to eat, but that “bad boy” is long gone and believe me, it was worth the time to learn how to make and worth every delicious bite.

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9 Responses to “A Lesson a Cinnamon Roll Taught Me”

  • Comment from Susan

    So true! It takes time to become good at something, but the journey is well worth the effort and time! :)


    Yes. I learn much from the journey. Now, all I need is to know how to deal with having patience :-) .

  • Comment from Jennifer

    Yum! I do the same thing with those recipes, pick out the ones that look good. I’m organizing the hall shelves this month and have a big stack of recipes to sort through. Maybe cinnamon rolls would be a good one to try first.


    I’m determined this year to go through my pile of loose recipes and toss what I don’t use and put the others in a binder. I just went through the other day and actually tossed out magazines from six years ago. It was sooooooooooooooooo hard. I’m holding onto my Vegetarian Times (almost ten years old) until I can go through each magazine page by page to be sure there isn’t something I really need. I know so many things are online now, but I have a recipe in a magazine (that I’m still looking for) that isn’t on the magazine Web site. It was the best vegetarian lasagna in the world.

    Yes! The cinnamon roll recipe would be a delicious one to try first. I’ll have the cinnamon roll recipe posted next week.

  • Comment from Theresa

    Yum, cinnamon rolls. I have those card recipes too :) Visiting today from the link up at Women Living Well.


    They do a really good job with the pictures. All I want to do is cook when I see them.

  • Comment from Keya

    I totally agree with you. I’m still not that great but I have improved A LOT. My aunt & her daughter came over one weekend and I had a whole meal made for them and my aunt said to me I didn’t know you can cook. But then again she really hasn’t hung around me since high school.


    Keep it up! I’ve seen some of the meals you’ve put together and they look quite tasty. Years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined me in the kitchen and actually loving to cook. I also didn’t grow up cooking. I knew I had found my place when I cooked my first Thanksgiving meal (desserts and all minus the turkey – Darling D does that) and everything turned out really well. Because of the way we (vegetarian, etc.) like to eat, it only makes sense to learn how to cook and to keep at it. My taste is too expensive to eat out, so I make it at home and it taste just as good. Also, my desire to eat out has lessened because I enjoy cooking and eating at home more.

  • Comment from amy

    Yummy! How can I get those recipe cards to be mailed to me? I’ve never received one, but I’d love too!

  • Comment from angie

    I think cinnamon roll making is an art, and it looks like you’ve perfected it!

  • Comment from Christine

    Great post and an important lesson learned. Stopping by from the crew on the blog walk!

  • Comment from Lindsay

    You have a beautiful family! I am just walking by on the TOS crew Blog walk and I am a new follower of your blog!

    Have a very blessed day!

  • Comment from Kimberly

    MMMM those look good – love the pictures!

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