A Little Bit of Drama

I am a survivor. After attending almost 30 rehearsals with more than 20 kids of varying ages, with interesting personalities (some good, some bad, one very spoiled) – they’re kids, and a lot of talent, I have come out unscathed, but a little tired.

Canyon enjoyed coming with me for a while and managed to entertain himself, but most of his nights were spent at home with Darling D. In fact, he looked forward to River, Lily, and me going to the theatre for rehearsal and on most nights was pushing us out the door. I later found out why he liked rehearsal nights so much. He had Lightning McQueen qued in the DVD player every single night.

I may have endured several nights of rehearsal, but I think between Darling D and me, I got the better end of the deal. I like Cars, but once or twice a month of seeing it is enough for me.

As opening night approached, dress rehearsal made everything seem a little more real. Lily was appropriately cast as an angel.

River’s shepherd costume started out like this..

and soon turned into this, which sent the costume director into a “tizzy.” Apparently, the shepherds had gotten together and decided on how they wanted their costumes to look and had swapped robes and head pieces.

It didn’t take long to get that corrected and dress rehearsal was back on without a hitch. After a “speakin’ to” from the director, all assigned costumes stayed on the right bodies.

Both shows sold out, so the official dress rehearsal night became a show night and stars were born one day early.

Here is Lily with Miss LeAnn, the director. I’ve got to hand it to Miss LeAnn because she spent her days teaching many little people and then turned around and spent her nights directing more of the same. I think I would have needed a pill somewhere along the way.

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4 Responses to “A Little Bit of Drama”

  • Comment from Faith

    Awww, your daughter is gorgeous and I also believe she was cast correctly! :)

    Too funny that the shepherds decided to create their own costumes. I know it probably wasn’t funny then but I am sure the director had a giggle afterwards! :)

  • Comment from Keya

    Awws that must have been so fun for the kids. Glad they enjoyed it, and Canyon & his DVD (lol).


    Cars is really a great movie and I’m not usually a fan of animation, but Pixar just knows how to put it together. I also like all of the Bay Area references that are in the film. It’s so interesting how “they” know how to hook kids (and adults) into a movie. “Cars forever!” That’s Canyon speaking.

  • Comment from Yvonne

    What a wonderful story…thanks for sharing!! I adore kid plays. You must be so freaking proud. My daughter did a dance recital and I cried like a baby.


    Is it shameful to say I was proud? I guess it’s never shameful for a mommy to say such a thing. Now, seeing my daughter dance on stage probably would make me cry too. I almost cried when Canyon sang during the Christmas concert this year because he has had so many times where he has just stood there and refused to do anything. He promised me he would sing and he did. It made me smile. Yes, I was proud then too.

  • Ha Ha re: needing a pill. You did good. You must be proud


    Hey! A Little pill will do ya’ every once in a while. It was really fun. Yes, I was shamelessly proud.

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