Energizer Lily

This is my running partner.

This is my running partner after our 6:30 morning run. We ran a little over one mile, but of course she could have gone further.

She ran two miles when she was three and didn’t think anything about it. Of course we all were quite impressed.

She wanted to talk on our run. I told her that I would listen, but as far as talking, ‘Mommy had to concentrate (translation – I didn’t want to run out of breath.).’ She said, “that’s alright Mommy. You can do sign language.”

I believe this will be Lily after a 5K run, which we’re preparing to run later this year.

I just don’t know where she gets the energy. In case, you’re wondering, yes her energy is for sell. I just have to figure out how to bottle it.

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4 Responses to “Energizer Lily”

  • Comment from Keya

    That’s cool, she’ll keep you motivated.

  • Comment from Rana

    Oh my goodness that’s awesome that she likes to run with you. The twins will exercise with me sometimes too. I know don’t you wish we could sell that energy? I’d make millions.

  • Comment from Jenny

    hehe awesome :D i wish i could get someone to keep me motivated to walk every day. maybe when my son is done summer school ;P

  • Comment from Marsha

    Oh WOW, 2 miles?! Okay, even 1 mile?! I am duly impressed by the both of you. And I do believe that she is in better shape than my boys are. What town do you live in again? Y’all need to come over to my house and host a boot camp. :)

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