Ah…Thanks for Sharing

It has happened again. I’m sure you can figure it out by just looking at this picture. It was bound to happen like it did last year. What always surprises me is the amount of excitement and the sudden sense of urgency that most children feel at this time to rush the experience along.

I love my children and care about the passing of each milestone they meet, BUT if you’re anything like me, I don’t need a visual blow-by-blow documentary of the comings and goings of a tooth that is days, moments away from falling out of their mouth.

I rejoiced with Lily when she came running to tell me the news that it was happening. That was over one week ago. Since then, I have been subjected to periodic updates that have involved a wide opened mouth and her forcibly making me endure her twisting, turning, flexing, and jabbing of a tooth that obviously wasn’t quite ready to come out.

You see, I had enough respect for you as a reader to not include any of those pictures. Instead, what you get to see is a beautiful and toothless smile. Selfishly, I probably couldn’t have held the camera still enough in between my witnessing her self torture and me becoming totally grossed out by the sight of blood and the poor little tooth hanging on for dear life. I don’t get why she didn’t just show Darling D instead of showing me. He has got the stomach for it, I don’t.

I’ve got one more little one to go through, Canyon, and all I ask is that he keep me informed, but that he doesn’t feel the need to provide a visual of the progress of a tooth that is being prodded, nudged, and eventually partially dangling from his gum.

If you have any loose teeth coming out now or in the near future in your family, then you may want to read The Lost Tooth Club which could give you more insight into why our children twist and turn that poor little tooth until it just falls out.

Do your children torture you with their loose teeth? What do you do with the teeth after they have fallen out? Does the Tooth Fairy come to your house?

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4 Responses to “Ah…Thanks for Sharing”

  • Comment from Adrienne

    UGH, I can not stand the tooth loss event! LOL! Mine love to wiggle and push and twist and show me every 30 seconds! They know that I think it’s gross, so there’s no tooth saving or tooth fairy fantasies around here. Just throw that thing in the trash!

  • Comment from Rana

    She has the best smile. Love the toothless grin. We keep our little teeth in little keepsake trinket boxes.

  • Comment from Deana Birks

    She is so beautiful! I used to love losing teeth as a child. We keep teeth in a ziploc with the lock of hair from the first hair cut.

  • I see I missed this post. You haven’t posted in awhile so I came by to check that my feed was okay (it is).

    My kids are years away from tooth loss (I hope). In fact my daughter is still growing her first set. I hope I’m not subjected the same blow by blow that you were.

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