What They Do When I’m Not Watching

It snowed again today. So, what else is new? Not much, how ‘bout you? We had a relatively smooth day this morning with completing most of our school work before lunchtime. The snow was already piled up outside, at three inches (wow!), but this time it was really fluffy.

In between figuring math equations and reading vocabulary words, the children were able to look outside and watch snow falling. The thought of romping through snow was more attractive and exciting than figuring out the sum of 94753 plus 240974 – or something like that. Although they all wanted to go outside, Lily wanted to go outside and play really badly. She was also deeply concerned the snow would melt before break time came and every few minutes reminded me of her concern.

Our silent school bell rang. Papers were handed in, eagerness was building, and coats and hats were donned and before I knew it, they were outside. I headed to the kitchen and began working on lunch.

They were outside for a while enjoying what snow was left. Despite the cold, it was melting fast. I decided to check on them, so I walked past the back window and this is what I saw or at least I thought I saw it, but I knew for sure I didn’t see it because they wouldn’t be doing that; not my kids.

You would think at some point in your life, your kids will be grown enough where you don’t have to tell them to not put things in their mouths or, in this case, their mouths on things. My first thought was why would they be doing that?

My second thought was “A Christmas Story,” but I realized that was a little extreme.

My third thought was that’s really gross!

My fourth thought was that looks like it could be pretty good.

My fifth thought was I want to feel really good like that.

It was at that moment that I stopped thinking and then, while you weren’t watching, I too went outside and joined them.

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4 Responses to “What They Do When I’m Not Watching”

  • Comment from Yvonne

    Wooo-Hooo, it worked!!! Hot dog….I’m stoked!! Love the pictures and of course, the new blog. I’m so freaking happy that I can comment. Girl, you are ’bout to get so sick of seeing me on your blog….lol!! Take care and I’ll be back soon!!!


    Thanks for hanging out here, but please don’t make me sick :). I’m glad you like the new look of the blog. It is still a work in progress. I can’t seem to make up my mind. See you soon.

  • Comment from Amber

    hehehehe. cute. i do eat snow personally. ;-)


    Don’t tell anyone, but I also liked eating the snow. I’ll just be sure to catch it after the first fall because who knows the goings on after a few days. My kids turned me onto something new.

  • Comment from Leslie

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m enjoying yours too! Love all the catagories and the way you have things organized here! Off to go read some more.


    PS Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! The years go quickly, don’t they?


    Yes, they really do grow up fast. Thanks for the blog compliment. I would go crazy w/o some order. I hope you return soon.

  • Comment from Joy

    You may not realize it, but your grandmother said when she was little and growing up in Washington DC, they use to make ice cream out of the snow. I believed her but I never asked her how they made it.


    Now that I think about it, it does make sense to eat snow, but of course not the yellow snow. It was just the sight of them licking at something I hadn’t put on the dining room table or handed to them.

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