“Mommy, are you sure you’re not pregnant?”

Ah, Lily…my sweet, sweet, little Lily. You have to have a tough skin to hang around children because more times than not, they are going to tell you what is on their mind or offer their opinion when you didn’t ask for it. My Lily has a heart after God and often says the sweetest (and silliest) things, but sometimes, those sweet words come out like boulders and make you want to run for cover so as not to get hit. They’re sweet, innocent, but filled with a little truth in there that you should probably listen to because she may not be the only one noticing.

A few months ago, Lily and I were in our bathroom. I was brushing my teeth and she was fiddling with something giving it half of her attention, but we were having what I would have called a mother-daughter moment. She started making conversation, always the inquisitive one, and then she hit me with, “Mommy, are you sure you’re not pregnant?”

First, I’m proud to say that I am quite within my weight for my height; 5’6” about 130lbs. Proud because I work for the shape I am in. The only thing is that after three children, frequent occasional baked good indulgences, and having not regularly worked out has caused a few areas on my body to protrude a little more than they use to. I did notice it, but there was really no reason for her to point anything out. I’m rather fond of pink elephants hanging around in the corner of the room.

After recovering from her lack of subtlety – that will be a vocabulary word for her this school year – I assured her I wasn’t pregnant. I also took a quick look in the mirror of my profile, which did look a little like I was pregnant, but I wasn’t and I’m not.

I have managed to maintain a relatively fit body after birthing three children, eating everything and anything I want to, and leading an average physical lifestyle. This is a far cry from my before babies and marriage life. I use to live and breathe fitness. It was nothing to be at the gym or the pool at 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning. I enjoyed swimming, but running was my passion. I racked up so many shirts from the multiple 5K races I ran that the shirts started overrunning my closet.

I have missed running, but was never motivated to get back into it; really being consistent and committed. I stopped running seriously when I became pregnant with River. I didn’t want the bouncing, bouncing causing any babies to fall out. If I had studied more, then I would have learned how safe it would have been for me to follow a pregnancy fitness program. I was in great shape and could have continued working out throughout my pregnancy.

runners legs

In December, I logged over 50 running miles. The commitment and seriousness is back and it feels great. I keep this photograph of me – well my legs – from a race I ran twelve years ago in sight so I can see where I want to go. I want those legs again. I want that body again. Let me clarify, I want the “fit” that those legs and that body represent. I am feeling pretty good right now. I like the sound of my feet pounding the pavement once again.

Is there something you stopped doing after marriage or babies and have been longing to get back to?

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