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Okay. So I woke up, I cooked, I ate absolutely everything in sight, and it was delicious! It always amazes me how the food that took hours upon hours of cooking to prepare can be devoured in a matter of a few minutes which in no way gives proper tribute to the amount of time it took for its preparation. I guess the fact that the food was eaten, much silence was “heard” (due to full mouths), and that people came back for seconds, thirds, and were desperately trying to squeeze in fourths must be my recognition and everyones way of showing much gratitude for a meal well done. I won’t take full credit because Darling D did toil overnight preparing the turkey, which by the way he told me was wonderful. I haven’t had turkey in many, many, many years, but I will say that the aroma of his smoked turkey and watching the meat slide off of the bone has tempted me quite a few times over the years almost enough to give in. Just so all of you know, it will never happen.

Although we had a smaller gathering around the table this year (we missed our California folks), we spent time with family members whom we celebrated our first Thanksgiving with as a family. With our move, we have so many more and different experiences to have as well as new traditions to create. Thanksgiving was a little bit colder this year, but the remaining leaves on the trees were much prettier. I’m looking forward to snow this Christmas which I think I deserve for making it this far in such cold weather. Many people would laugh at me if they were here, because, honestly, it’s really not that cold; but it’s cold enough that my butt could freeze off for some snow.

I had a really great time this holiday with my family. The family I see whenever I’m not spending time clicking away on my computer. The family who keeps me going and makes my life happier than I thought it could ever be. The family who misses me a little bit and that I see growing right before my eyes and faster than I can keep up with. The family who enjoys popcorn nights and pancakes on a very early Saturday morning. The family who deserves a little bit more of my time. My family.

I’m going to be taking a bloggy break in December to hang out with my family. I’ll return in January 2010 (WOW – a new decade!) Since life does continue, I’ll have some more recipes to share because we gotta eat, I’m sure some interesting stories to tell, and since school never ends, we may even be able to impress you with our new found knowledge. Until then, you can read some posts you may have missed in the past from In Our House, Recipe Box, Green and Natural, Homeschool Roster, and Behind the Lens.

Have a great holiday season with your family. Remember the reason for the season, don’t get wrapped up in the commercial because remember you’ll have bills to pay, and do something special this year to make this Christmas a little more memorable than any other you’ve spent with your family. Reconnect, reconcile, and return home where you belong.

Now, a little bit of really, really beautiful music to bring in the season from one of my favorite groups. I present to you Casting Crowns…

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6 Responses to “Blogging Holiday”

  • Comment from Rana

    Awww! I’m going to miss hearing from you. Enjoy your break it will be over before you can blink. It always seems that way. But there is nothing better than spending time with family. Have a good month and stay warm:)P



    I will totally enjoy the break. I’m already feeling the pressure of the month ending. I will also try my best to stay warm. Darling D keeps telling me that it is only going to get colder; so cold that he’ll even be cold. Now, that’s pretty cold. Thanks for thinking of me in my absence. E-mail me anytime. Do you have baby news yet?

  • Comment from Keya

    Have a Happy Holiday & Happy New Year. Can’t wait till you come back.


    Same to you and your family. I’m already looking forward to writing again, but will try my best to enjoy some quiet time. Isn’t it funny how this blogging thing gets into your blood?

  • Comment from Dee

    Happy Holidays! I’m definitely going to use this time to catch up on your past posts. I’ve been wanting to for a while now. :)


    I’ve been missing you. I’m glad to see you’re back and it appears that you have been quite busy gettting ready for the baby and enjoying some “me” time or is that “you” time?

  • Your family is all kinds of gorgeous!

    Whenever I enjoy a wonderful home cooked meal that took hours to prepare, I lament that it does not take hours to eat. I am full within 15 minutes. It just does not seem fair.

    Enjoy your blogging break! I will “see” you in 2010. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  • Comment from mangocheeks

    Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family.

  • Comment from Christine

    I hear you about the cooking for hours and devouring in minutes. We’re still trying to lose those 5 lbs. from eating everything in sight.

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