Am I Going to Make It?

I’m cold. It’s rainy outside, and I’m not ready for this. When we moved here, the sun was shining, the temperatures were moderate, but warm, and I thought, “hey, I’m going to be just fine.” I figured all who warned me about this new climate we had moved to didn’t really know what they were talking about. I’d suffered through lived through humid climates before and had finally just accepted I was going to sweat a little bit, but knew it would soon be over. It would cool down in the evening, I would shower, and of course, the same thing would happen the next day. I had gotten used to that. The summer here was just about that except I didn’t sweat as much (it must have been the air conditioner) and the temperatures were a little more manageable. I even enjoyed the heat a little when I ran.

Scene two: With fall recently rearing its beautiful turning of the leaves, pumpkin scattered patches, and skies with heavy clouds, I’m rethinking my survival. The heater hasn’t been turned on yet because I know this is pretend cold right now. The kind of cold that makes a true Cali-girl like me shiver and secretly wish she were back “home” wading through the ocean waters which would probably be a little more warmer than the crisp mornings we have been having here. At this point, I’m not regretting our move because I’m actually enjoying it here. What concerns me is how I’m going to successfully survive the impending winter months. This fall period now is to give me a taste of what to expect and just a little bit of time to prepare for what is to come.

I took the children shoe shopping this weekend and walked the boot aisle to see what was available. I used to be able to wear sandals in November, but that will probably not be a smart decision now. A winter outfit was created by putting on a coat and later, when it warmed up, would be removed to reveal my summer outfit. Sweaters were worn to make a fashion statement. In TN, they are worn with a purpose; to keep you warm. I do have a winter coat, but it’s a California winter coat. I guess I need to buy a real winter coat.

Despite the colder weather, there are a lot of things I am looking forward to that the colder weather brings. I have already started my search for delicious soup recipes. We will be eating more soups than ever and the thought of that warms me up right now. Some of my most memorable runs were in brisk and cold temperatures. Starting out in the early morning with chill in my bones and feeling the heat build inside my body as my shoes pounded the pavement was exhilarating. I must also confess that I’m secretly praying it will snow (can it get any colder?), which was a beautiful sight one February we spent here. I’m sure the children would enjoy seeing their neighborhood decorated in a blanket of white and experiencing running, playing, and creating in the snow. Snowman anyone?

What are you looking forward to with the changing of the season from summer to fall? Does winter hold anything special for you?

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