They Need to Know

Today is a beautiful day. It is a day that God has made. It is a day that means very little to some and a day that changed the lives of so many. Today, my children will wake up, again request a bowl of cereal, and then later ask to go outside to play. For now, to them, it is just another day. Even eight years later, I still do not really know how to tell them, but I do realize they need to know.

Eight years ago, I was pregnant with River and I remember waking to what still plays through my mind like a silent picture movie. There were no words then and I struggle for words now to describe what I saw on television that day. I still have not really been able to grasp everything that happened, but I know it is a reality regardless of what I understand.

Along with teaching them what happened on that day, I want to share with my children the faith in God that so many people exhibited while they later talked about their unbelievable rescues as well as that shown by people whose loved ones had perished. I was drawn to Lisa Beamer whose book, Let’s Roll, I later read. The loving wife, and mother of two beautiful children, experienced the birth of her third child and was left to continue her life without her husband. There were so many stories of families torn apart with survivors left to live on. New, unexpected paths were laid out for them to now follow.

Rather than concentrate on the “why,” because we may never know, they will learn about the heroes, the sacrifices that were made, the strength in God survivors have held onto, and how precious is each day we have with a loved one. Today, we will just pray for the families who lost loved ones as well as all of the people who died. I was told when you know of nothing else to do, then just pray.

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