Release of the Stir Crazies

When you take three children who have been trapped indoors for the past, ah week and a few days, and release them out into the sunny wide open, then this is usually what you see; smiling faces. You see, it’s been raining, and raining, and then raining some more. When it wasn’t raining, it was either getting ready to rain or it was raining.

At first, they weren’t really too sure if what they were seeing was real. The sun was shining, the temperature was warm, and their shoes didn’t sink into the mud like they did last week.

The only logical explanation was to run, and run, and just keep running before it quickly came to an end.

That didn’t last long. Even Canyon had to stop and take it all in.

It was one of the most beautiful sights we’ve seen in a long time.

Darling D and I were just taking it all in. We hadn’t been to Chickasaw State Park in a few months and it was still as peaceful and serene as we remembered. Certainly more people know about this place, but you wouldn’t know it. Every time we come to visit, it’s as if we have the park all to ourselves.

We were hesitant to hang around here for too much longer because there was more to see. The last time we came here, we walked around one half of the lake, so today we were going to walk around the other half.

I think River was having flashbacks of being trapped indoors, which probably explains why he started writing messages in the sand. You see, last week, they just wanted to be free. Lily even questioned why I never let them play in the rain. I couldn’t give her a decent explanation, so I let them play for just a few minutes running through the rain.

With camera in hand, I was mesmerized by the fungus color on these branches. I tried to get Darling D to come back and share in the experience with me. He immediately brought to my attention that they were fallen branches and above me were probably a few more that could come falling down. I quickly continued on our hike (only after looking up – duh).

Lily, my little sand collector.

This tree was uprooted and still managed to be beautiful in its distressed state.

From beauty that I can cast my eyes upon and enjoy to

the beauty (?) of the praying mantis that was focused on with squinted eyes (mine of course). This picture isn’t too bad considering I wasn’t really looking at him when I snapped the shot.

We finished up at the playground in the play area at the park.

This sight, Canyon climbing up these type of bars, still tugs at my heart just a little because it hasn’t been long since I use to have to spot him to be sure he wouldn’t fall.

Now, I’m just good for standing close by, with eyes only, to be sure he doesn’t misstep.

He’s doing fine all by himself.

This is the play set in the big kids area. I guess that is what he thinks he is now.

He may be a big kid, but

he sure still enjoys it like

a little boy!

If you get a chance this week, you may enjoy the series on PBS this week, The National Parks – America’s Best Idea.

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2 Responses to “Release of the Stir Crazies”

  • Comment from Alicia

    You have such beautiful children, and I love your pictures!!

    It looks like they had a great day!! The water looks so inviting!!

  • Comment from Milk & Honey Mommy


    Thank you. We had a blast. We left all of the great weather in California (enjoy it for us) before we moved. The kids were ready to pack their bags and move back. The water was almost good enough to dive in.

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