Letting My Creative Juices Flow

The last time I pulled this out, my children went crazy running around the house, screaming that Mommy was going to do something. What? They didn’t know, but they knew it was something cool, new, and exciting. Something they had never seen me do before. They didn’t know what this peculiar machine was capable of, but I knew.


They have grown up in the generation of technology, so this is what they are used to seeing me use all of the time. Yes, I do use my computer a lot, to the point that it has gotten me into trouble more times than not; dinner has burned a few times, children have been left alone unattended and to fend for themselves. You get the picture.

I set up my sewing machine and explained to them what it was and as if I were revealing the deepest, darkest secrets of the universe, they crowded around me as I began to make it work. I got a rush as I pressed the foot pedal because memories of my creative days began flashing before me.

You see, I use to use my sewing machine all of the time. I made all of my clothes with the exception of my underwear only because I have no patience for making small lacy things and Victoria Secrets does a pretty good job. There was a time when fabric, patterns, and thread sent shivers of excitement through me because I knew with those three tools, I could make anything. My love for sewing even led me to a few years of managing a major fabric store, which is the equivalent of River managing his own candy store. I was in heaven.

My sewing and creative days are memories, but as I start back for another new school year with my children, I become more aware of how important it is to be creative and how freeing that sense of space can be. It is thought that creativity is more innate than acquired unlike skill which can be learned. I have a tendency to be more black and white and will admit that I’m not the most creative person at the start, but I have found that I was my most creative when I was sewing.

I want my children to be creative, to use their imaginations, for their minds to wander to places I’ve never been before, but of course to return soundly/sane at the end of the day or at least in time for dinner. The creativity of others inspires me. Don’t allow yourself to be hindered by your lack of skill or confidence. I watched Jen of New Green Mama blog go from making crafty, recycled items for personal use, then for family and friends, to eventually opening up her own Etsy store, Second Chance Studio, and later being featured in a craft magazine, GreenCraft Magazine. Jen inspires me to be creative. She has inspired me to start sewing again.

Nurturing creativity in children or in ourselves is important. It can bring out the author, the wood craftsman, the fashion designer, or the next Etsy star. Even if you do not consider yourself creative, you may surprise yourself if you give yourself a chance.

I’m in the middle of reading The Creative Family by Amanda Soule of Soule Mama blog. She is all about family and presents many ways to be creative with your children without leaving even the most unimaginable person behind. Sometimes watching someone do something creative is all you need for inspiration and in the land of blog, there are so many available resources.

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