I Couldn’t Help It…Really!

I feel like I’ve broken some mommy protocol. Then on the other hand, if you’re a mommy, you know when it comes to raising children, there really isn’t one set of rules that work for them. Last month, I victoriously celebrated the many accomplishments Canyon has made this summer, which include graduating from his paapaa and moving from diapers to underwear. The one big step I was ready for him to make was to start and finish one night of sleep in his own bed. Well, he had a little difficulty the first night, but despite this I awoke refreshed, elbow in the head and foot in the face free, the next morning. It was wonderful. I never imagined life so simple and carefree. The following nights continued in this manner and soon those days started forming weeks. Life was good. Really good.

Then, it happened. Flu season crept into our house a little earlier than expected. Actually, we are more cold people than flu people, so I was a little surprised and also a bit concerned thinking we were experiencing something other than the average flu. It also didn’t help that there have been three confirmed H1N1 deaths in our area this past week.

Each one of the children made their rounds in our bed so they could be watched and of course we could share their pain (and sickness) along with them. One of those nights included bringing Canyon back into his place refuge that I had just spent the past few weeks weaning him from; mommy and daddy’s bed. Under any other circumstances, this would have been a “no, no,” but when your child is sick, one has a tendency to do things they know they really shouldn’t do.

Thank God, we’re all better and now, the process starts all over again. We’re a little bit further this time where Canyon starts in his bed, but sometime around 3:30am while I’m in the middle of a deep, comfortable sleep, I’m awakened by my little baby calling my name. He doesn’t know I’ve changed it to Gertrude (something other than Mommy) and all Gertrude wants to do is go back to sleep. Darkness doesn’t scare him and he wanders into our bedroom, knowingly slips into our bed, and settles into his familiar space.

Canyon is asleep in his bed right now. He has a great bed. Hopefully, he’ll stay there for the rest of the night and until the morning when normal people wake up.

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