The Transformation

Revelation: My little boy is growing up.

I have been dreading this moment for many months. I mean, can you deny how cute Canyon is here?

How about this one here? That is one of the many reasons I wasn’t looking forward to this moment. You can read here how torn I was about whether to cut or let him become a modern day Sampson (in hair length minus all of the sordid life details).

Obviously, I was the only one who wasn’t too excited.

Canyon has been waiting for this moment a lot longer than I have.

His head of beautiful curly locks that made him even more adorable in my eyes had become the cause of the daily torture he experienced everyday with the hair combing and brushing needed to keep his “do” in order.

After months of stalling, it was finally time. I even tried to put it off for one more day.

While the video camera rolled, I started snapping away because I wanted to remember this moment.

With just a few snips

and a little shaving,

make that a lot of shaving,

my little boy was being transformed.

These would no longer be a part of who was, but only remnants covering the “barber shop” floor.

River and Lily had no idea how momentous this occasion was for me.

Instead, they were only concerned with making sure they were a part of the video taped archive I was creating.

As the cutting continued, it became clearer that this wasn’t about me.

Instead, it’s about Canyon who is growing up way too fast.

I guess I need to be sure I’m on board and keep up because there is not one single thing I can do to stop it.

Even if I could, I would not want to because I would miss all of the joy and excitement he is yet to experience.

As we neared the end of the transformation, Daddy wiped a runny nose because he runs a full service shop.

All was needed was a little bit of dusting

to finish off what is the beginning of many haircuts to come.

We must not forget the nose.

This doesn’t look as attractive on the floor as it did on Canyon’s head.

As Canyon said, “hair gone, gone.”

Yep Baby. It’s all gone.

It may take him a little while to get use to his new “do.”

I think Mommy may be there. I already like it.

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3 Responses to “The Transformation”

  • Comment from Rana

    Milk and Honey Mama,
    Oh my goodness! He looks soooo cute! I’m tearing up with every picture you took. I remember my sons first hair cut I felt the same way. No more baby curls, now we have “Big boys”. Hang in there Mama this is just the beginning.

  • Comment from T&T

    oh man – what a difference- did you cry over those curls??

  • Comment from Keya

    Okay, I need to come back to this post in about 1 to 2 years when we have to do this.

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