A Seat for You and a Seat for Me

In the last eight years our family has moved five times and lived in six different homes. Through these many moves, I realized early in this big adventure that any home we live in must have two bathrooms. Yes, life is manageable with only one bathroom and of course, I won’t die, but there is nothing worse than two people having to use the toilet really, really, badly at the same time and one of them having to wait. If you’re on the waiting end, then that isn’t such a pleasant experience.

Home number one had one bathroom as did homes number two, and three. We upgraded the fourth time around and went to one full bath and one half. Life was free and easy then and I enjoyed the half bath more than the full. Our move to the fifth home gave us three bathrooms. Wow! There were no lines, but there was a lot of cleaning.

In Our Not So Big House, we have two bathrooms and that is really all I need. Now that you know our bathroom history, let me show you what we’re doing.

I have nothing against wall paper, but when it comes to home design, it’s never one of my top ten options for decorating. The wall paper in the bathroom isn’t so bad, but I need color, paint color, on the walls.

So it must come off.

I never thought about having an intercom in my bathroom, but apparently, it was the rage in the 50‘s. I guess it came in handy if you ran out of toilet paper. The patch on the wall is covering up the hole left after removing the intercom speaker.

I grew up a yeller, so we never needed speakers in our home while I was growing up. Every once in a while (especially when I get around my parents and siblings – and even at home now) the yeller in me comes out, but I have been trying to change. If I run out of toilet paper, then I just yell for the nearest child to get it. Those kids sure come in handy every once in a while.

An unexpected fix is the ceiling. It began peeling away from around the light fixture. Since we knew it had to be repaired, we started pulling until it no longer fell to the floor and this is what we now have now; a patchy ceiling. Fortunately, these are easy fixes for Handy Man. The hard part is choosing the paint colors for the walls.

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